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Scale I Build

  1. Hi, I am new here and have to say that there are amazing models in the forum. Although I rarely do cars I do enjoy it very much. This video is somewhat experimental for me and I will be thankful to see your feedback! Best regards M.
  2. Hello boys, and especially to you Skyline / tuner experts.....I have recently been working on a couple of Japanese sports car kits, a bit of a departure for me, and have come across a puzzling question ..... Aoshima kit no.46, 1971 Skyline GT GC10 that was recently reissued some months back is just loaded with lots of goodies and extra parts galore, and one of the white parts trees indicates the 'GT section' for the suggested kit build , plus a 'GT-R' parts section nicely included as well,,,, but in between all those parts is a very nice mesh style grill with angled lenses, and a neat tail light rear panel sporting 3 clear lenses per side.....question is, in searching photos and details about the actual cars, I have yet to see that tail panel on any 1-1 car...the grill mentioned, of course seems fairly common for race car use and street tuner use as well....but ,can anybody fill me in on that tri-lamp tail panel I mention.... just unsure if it was used on a certain year of similar Skylines of that era, or its a custom option....oh, sorry but I can't post photos of the parts as I presently have no camera......thanks in advance, gents.....the Ace...
  3. After the mk1 Golf cab came out better than I'd expected I wanted to add some different modelling techniques, some scratch building, nothing extreme though. I've decided to build a 180sx based on a 1:1 car. No engine this time. The 1:1 car is this one (its actually a 240sx i believe) The body kit will be slightly different, but again, I'm just basing my build on this, not an exact replica. Anyway, lets get started. The car has interior panel and carpet up front along with bucket seats, and is striped out in the rear, this is where the scratch building will be, making the rear interior. I need to add some small details to these parts, then I will start building a roll cage.
  4. Hallo, this is my latest build, the Nissan Fairlady 240ZG, used by Japanese highway police in 1970's. It's OTB plus some embossing powder for the carpet and BMF for the window frames. Interior: Chassis: Indoor pics:
  5. Since I do not anticipate getting any others done this year, I thought I'd share pics of what I have accomplished. January Tamiya Toyota Celica GT-4 Aoshima 2000 Toyota Chaser JZX100 "Itasha" Aoshima Toyota Estima G March Fujimi 1999 Mazda RX7 Aoshima Laurel C33 April Monogram 1957 Ford Del Rio Wagon May AMT 1957 Ford Fairlane 500 Revell 1957 Ford Tudor Custom Thanks for looking!
  6. Hey, so I'm looking for a scale-modelling forum and decided to settle in this one. So, I'm new to 1/24 scale-modelling. I was into Gunpla and saw a scale-modelling channel in Youtube and suddenly I have the urge to assemble a model cars but I know it won't be easy. Then, decided to grab the Aoshima Fairlady S30 or known as Datsun 240ZG as my first kit. The reasons I took this model is the simplicity of the build (but kinda dissapointed it went way that easy, no engine details ahahaha). I ruined the masking on the fender side... Guess that will be my homework for the next model. I used a local spray-can for the main body (the spray-cans are commonly used for Gunpla here in my place) and for the detail I used Tamiya Enamel Paint and for the finishing, because in my opinions gloss is not that good without compound polishing (I don't have any) so I decided to spray it with flat coating. (yeah, i also messed up the tail lights, and forgot to sand the mold line of the bumper) I'm looking forward for Tamiya's RX-7 Type R, there aren't any Revell's kits here and most of the kits sold here are Tamiya.
  7. Tetsuo, a wannabe street racer with more money than sense, bought a nice 240Z, just to start cutting it up to add fiberglass aero. He never thought about upgrading, or even repairing, the stock L24 straight-six under the hood. After losing a large sum of money on races, he decided to sell the car. He set the price to try to recoup the money he spent on the car, plus the money he lost racing. Between the exorbitant asking price, the damage he did to the body, and the poor reputation the car gained during the owner's failed street-racing career, the car languished on the market for a long time. Eventually, he found a buyer named Kaneda, but had to accept less than half of his asking price. Kaneda knew repairing the bodywork would be an expensive and arduous task, so he decided to leave the bodywork, bad paint and vinyl stickers as is and concentrate on mechanical upgrades. He upgraded the brakes, suspension, and had the engine swapped for a small block Ford V-8. When the work was completed, Kaneda started going to street-racing events. The other racers remembered the car, and it's miserable performance, from Tetsuo's time driving it, and thought Kaneda would be an easy mark. Kaneda made quite a bit of money in those first few months, before the car's reputation caught up with its performance. This is Fujimi's Nissan Fairlady 240Z Full Works Version, finished as a curbside model. This was my first time cutting up body work to fit add-on aero parts, so things didn't go as well as I would have liked. Instead of putting the kit to the side, I decided to go with it, and make a distressed and abused street-racer. The body color is Tamiya Bronze acrylic. Chassis, interior and hood are painted with Tamiya Semi-Gloss black. Trim was masked and painted with Tamiya Gloss Black. Decals are Revell Pinewood Derby dry transfers. I used various Ammo of Mig Jimenez products to add weathering and distressing. Black thread was used to replicate zip-ties holding cracked aero together. Header ends were made from K&S aluminum tube, I used a Dremel with a ball-shaped grinding bit to thin out the inside bore of the tubes to make them look more scale-correct. Here is the WIP: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/100787-nissan-240zg-track-toy/ Here are the finshed photos: Here is a shot of the finished model in its display box, next to my '25 Model T rat rod:
  8. Here's my first build of 2015. Tamiya Nissan Calsonic Skyline. My first Tamiya kit. Have to say it was a pretty good one. My interest in this one came from my love of playing racing games like Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport. Box stock. Took me 3 paint jobs to get it right. First time I tried to settle with the testors blue enamel that Hobby Lobby had. Mistake. She took a bath in degreaser. Second time I had er slick and went through while polishing. So the THIRD time I laid on 5 coats clear and it finally worked out. While I was impressed with the kit, I was NOT impressed with their spray paint. Went on slick and as it dried it fuzzed up something awful. The slick paint you see is the 5 coats of clear and a lot of elbow grease. Hope everyone likes it.
  9. Here's finally my Nissan 300ZX which I started building in March, had some accidents with the paintjob which made me store it a few months, but I finished in today finally. I personally think the rear is the best part of the car, the taillights turned out excellent! But anyway, I'll let the pics do the talking.
  10. Hi, this is my rebuild of a Nissan Primera. Thanks.
  11. Hey. Aoshima kit, custom-mixed Cobra Colors paint, Aoshima wheels, decals from various sources such as www.detailjunkees.com and my parts box, Scalemotorsport carbon fiber decals on the trunklid and hood, Scale Auto Style photo-etched brake discs, Studio27 safety harnesses and associated hardware, partial roll cage from an Aoshima Skyline. Thanks for looking.
  12. Bought this kit this weekend for next to nothing this weekend, and even though it's 26 years old, the quality is amazing! So far, I've only opened it up and looked at what's in it, and I quickly decided to change the wheels and modify the suspension similar to what i did with my Mini. Problem is, I don't have any rims that will look good on it, so what to do? Scratchbuild the rims of course! I started with a strip of 0.5 mm styrene... ...Which was wrapped around the super glue cap because that was the one thing that had the right diameter. Over the big strip, I added a 0.25 mm strip to strengthen the shape. It may look a bit messy, but since the outer side won't be visual I didn't pay much attention to it to be honest. And here it is inside the tire. There's a bit to clean up, but overall it looks pretty good. Next up is to make one more ring of this width, and then move on to the front rings, and after that, I'll make the face, out of either 1.0 or 1.5 mm styrene. Thanks for stopping by, I'll update later tonight when I get back from school //Bumblebi
  13. Hey guys! I've started working on a recently arrived kit, Aoshima's TOP SECRET Nissan Silvia S-15 Spec. R. It's a decent kit. There are some fitment issues with the hood and front bumper but those should be easily solved. What will take some work is putting in an RB26 from my spare R32 kit, along with the transmission. I'll also use a single turbo set up and custom exhaust. Otherwise, that's as far as I've planned. it's really rough now, I haven't polished it up much. I just pulled out the dremel and started cutting and did a bit of sanding. I'll be working on this more as I close in on the end of my RX-7 build.
  14. Oh yes i went there after all these american vehicles i'm scratch building an import pickup. I honestly think that stakes work for it too. what do y'all think? Now this is my first scratch build attempt so don't expect perfection. It is in the very early stages of being built, what im doing is tracing the body panels onto thin plastic then cutting em out and tracing those onto thicker plastic then cutting them out, i know there will be some freehand panels that cant be made tracing. It will scale out to be 1/25 maybe a little smaller but should be close enough.
  15. I'm torn between "this is cool" and "what is wrong with me!?" Nissan engine detail Mercedes engine detail
  16. Here is a tribute car made to honor the late Paul Walker. It's a 72' Skyline drivin by him during Fast Five. It may not be the best known car but it's one I really liked as soon as I saw it. This was also made for the Fast and Furious tribute build over in the community builds section. Ride in Peace Paul Walker, this one's for you. Thanks for looking everyone!
  17. I haven't posted here in a while as i have many builds on the bench and other things happening. Anyway i have finished this one off, basicly stock except i painted the rims black and used a custom mixed colour for the exterior. Let me know what you think.
  18. Tamiya nissan leopard built to sorta look like a japanese jacked hot rod . Parts box wheels http://images19.fotki.com/v1611/photos/7/3079437/12549401/11407093831246-vi.jpg http://images18.fotki.com/v438/photos/7/3079437/12549401/08407093888937-vi.jpg : http://images53.fotki.com/v1504/photos/7/3079437/12549401/17407093897082-vi.jpg http://images53.fotki.com/v1459/photos/7/3079437/12549401/00407093880051-vi.jpg http://images9.fotki.com/v174/photos/7/3079437/12549401/26407093906297-vi.jpg
  19. Well, I got this trade deal that still going on pending me shipping out my end of the deal, which will be in the next few days. The sprues and what's in the box. What's not shown is a Nissan Pathfinder pamphlet that also was in the box (thanks ScaleCentral ) The body. Unfortunately there's no detachable hood... But then again there's also no engine as well. The rest of the sprues. Paints I'll use for the body. I already masked off the area I'm going to paint before I posted this. I'm going to paint it two tone. Either Metallic Grey (XF-56) or German Grey (XF-63) on top and Dark Sea Grey (XF-54) or Neutral Grey (XF-53) on the bottom. But I'm not sure which at this point. I'll have to make some paint chips right now.
  20. Hi everyone! This is my current project. I'm working on a nice, mostly stock Nissan. I'm not overly into what most people tend to do to these things. I've borrowed the wheels off a rally car of some description and painted them gun metal, played with the suspension to give it a bit of camber at the front, and made an exhaust from a McDonalds straw. Paint shall begin after the weekend! I'll paint those wheelnuts and give it a wash when I get a chance. The colour she's gonna be. Thanks for looking! - Tomo
  21. Hey. This is an OLD project that has been on and off for a few years. The pictures are chronological so the latest picture is where it stands at this moment. I decided to ressurect it after realizing it looked a lot worse that it was. Thanks for looking.
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