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Let's Post Our Snap Kits!

Tom Geiger

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Something I read in another thread today got me thinking about snap kits... I remember now, it was about the Lindberg Dakota kit, and how nice it was "for a snap kit". Well, we've all done a snapper or two and have had fun with them. So let's post some...


Johan 1962 Studebaker Lark Convertible



Revell 1963 Corvette



AMT 1973 Barracuda - Still need to finish this one! Fastback concept car.



And a pair of Lindberg Dodge Grand Caravans. These are further along than this photo.

So post some fun snap kits! It doesn't matter if you just painted and assembled them, modified them severely or used them as a basis for a detailed build!

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Revell Snap-tite Acura NSX....got this at a swapmeet for $5.......pulled it all apart, changed the wheels/tires/brakes, built a new engine cover, remade the rear taillight panel with inset reverse lights, and painted House of Kolor Majik Blue pearl.



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Revell Build and Play '15 Mustang GT with paint and a few minor tweaks.

A couple of the Revell '97 Ford Expedition SSV kits in fire and police livery...




Lindberg Crown Vic with Modelhaus wheels and hubcaps.


And the Revell Build and Play CV.


And this one is a little further along than in this pic, but it's a Revell Caprice which will be built as Michigan Motor Carrier car.

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And I actually forgot about this one! Concept Camaro built for my club's same kit contest. I thought it would be fun to do the retro thing on it. Color is a 1971 Chevy color. The snapper was the perfect canvas for that idea! All I had to concentrate on was the body and interior... no engine or chassis to drag the project.




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I'm enjoying this topic seeing what snaps are/were available .. two grandsons getting ready for some building .. I hope. Might need a Mario Racing snap kit to pry then from their racing seats though.

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