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I finished this comp last winter, I take pictures of diorama at the beginning of the summer, but I was too immersed in the CAT. This week I decided to do. I am overall quite satisfied except that I noticed a few errors too late. The camera has no friends and she shows us all the defects. The load consists of about 4000 coffee sticks. It represents planks gross 2 inches X 10 inches X 12 feet and 8 feet. For my staging I inspired by an incident that I had very long ago amount a very long slope on the North Coast. 7/8 of the top I heard a bang and a very large air leak, its urged arrival at the Summit. The hose has the released of the compressor broke completely.
























Before leaving my home I checked the straps so that they are tight. Cursed there is one is released. A driver negligent.










































In this picture I have never seen the Ford 150 down right when I took the picture. It has about 500 feet from me and I was about 50 feet higher than him. It is the largest gambling that he spent on the boulevard at this time. The effect is rather special apparently readying a up the Hill


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      I really enjoyed these photos. Your photography on this one makes it look very realistic. great work once again.



     Be Well


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Wow! That is absolutely freakin' amazing!

What can i say? Exceptional weathering, fantastic photography... and 4,000 coffee sticks!

This is hands down one of the best big rig models I have ever seen. B)

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    I don't generally look in on the Big Rig Post's, but am I EVER Glad I did. Alain I would like to see a WIP and some Photo Info! Lenses, Lighting............... Thank You for Posting this Build and series of Pics!

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Looks just like the real thing!!!

Exactly what I thought when I saw the first pic. If I didn't know that this is a modelling forum I had taken it for real: simply amazing!!!!

especially the look (with open hood) into the fender with its road dirt, the rust and grime on engine an frame - perfect! 

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Thanks your comment buddies. I appreciate much. , Your comments prove me that I am in the right direction to close the mouth has are those who claim that the model is a toy and those who engaged this art of mental patients. We are all artists at the same level that a painter or a sculptor, it is my opinion. The miniature is most Eve art form on Earth. Thank you very much.

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