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so here is my project for this tat , i wil make also [ try ] a 32 reefer behind him , it wil be a single axle 

in that time era i have see some black-white picture,s in that configuration 

already clean the resin kit and now lookin for the wheels and material for the chassis , wil use a ertl great-dane for the reefer , but first the truck

give him a own color and i think yellow whit some black







let the building begin,s

and have fun


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wel , i made a chassis [ must lookin for a right wb before i cut it ] and put some color on the seats [ and interior ]

here a picture how it wil come,s






now make the spring,s for the front axle and lookin for a engine [ somewhere in a pile of boxes ]


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Gator , i found a brochure and there stood a wheelbase from 146 inch and 164 inch , mack diesel , 6 cil-138 hp/ 2400 rpm

so i am a little bit closer to some answers

and found 1 picture of a model A with tandem axles [ truck and trailer ]

the other i found was a dump ore mixer style chassis

and when i found something i like this more and more


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have found info for the wheelbase so now i have put the size on the frame

here a picture how its must come


and found a nice color whats look like the old green of that time [ just for the color , picture is not sharp ]


tonight make verything on the chassis and also found info how the exhaust wil go

just a pipe thats go to the back of the chassis and before the last crosmember pointin to the ground 

if the temp go a little bit up i put the 3 mack,s in the primer , now its everytime round zero , and where i paint its to cold

the color i wil use is yellow whit black accents


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beside the other project,s make some airline to the brake,s and make a testfit with a old engine from a mack

i make it a curbside model but i wil that the look under correct is




and now go on to put some primer on the frame and cab etc


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