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1937 Chevy Cabrio

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Sort of a mixture of flavors in this one. It's going to be a nice shiny hot rod, with some rat rod attitude. The body will the same color as the engine. I'll be using the clear hood from the AMT '37 kit. 













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I like the duel blowers. Man that's a looong wheelbase.

Yep. Out of curiosity, I measured it at 142mm. It's on par with most of the big Duesey/Linc/Cady luxobarges of the era or a big extra cab pickup of today. I've added 30 inches total. 

I spotted a '37 coupe done this way somewhere online. I have no idea where, nor can I find it again. No idea if it was an art piece, a photo, or a model. But it sure got the idea firmly stuck in my noggin.

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Quite a lot done now. Body ready for paint soon. The seats are the rear bucket seats from a Revell 67 Charger. They are narrow enough that they fit very nicely in any old hot rod.






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  • Dave Ambrose changed the title to 1937 Chevy Cabrio - UPDATE 3/17

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