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This model is a replica of Dan Gurney’s 1966 Lola T-70 MKII Spyder which he raced to Ford’s only victory in the Can-Am series. The construction of this model is completely documented On The Workbench  http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/115922-lola-t70-mk2-124-scale-under-glass/ But to summarize it started life as a Tamiya slot-car body and now sits on a much modified Fujimi GT-40 chassis with an MPC Eagle Indy engine block, transaxle and rear suspension. Thanks for the Gurney-Weslake heads go to Steve Roullier who did the masters and Stephen Miller who did the casting. Items no longer available from the original sources are the Mini-Exotic white-metal wheels and Fred Cady decals.  The paint is a custom mix of Testor’s Arctic Blue Metallic enamel and Metallic Black.

This has been my most involved and documented model car project to date. It has also taken the longest but I have really enjoyed the process including all the research and the challenge of attempting to replicate as many details as possible.

For all the photos of this model - http://public.fotki.com/phildaupho/dan-gurney-scale-ra/1966-lola-t70/


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The other night at our SPAM (Scale Plastic Auto Modellers) Phil brought out his Lola... Drop dead gorgeous!!! Seeing Phil's craftmanship in person is such a thrill, especially as we all crowded around, as Phil carefully pullled out the pins keeping the rear body locked. There was a gasp as the engine bay and rear suspension was revealed, an amazing build considering the slot car body origins and all the extra work performed to get it to this state. (Check out the build thread!) It was also interesting to see the size difference between this Lola and the somewhat smaller IMC version, which appears to be in 1/28 neighbourhood.

A truly great addition to your Dan Gurney collection, congrats Phil!

Cheers Misha

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Wow!!  More pix please.  I'm not really a Ford fan, but this is art.

Thank you everyone for your comments which have made this project all the more gratifying. For George I am adding a few more photos. The engine was such an integral aspect of making this project possible.


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