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I’m starting a build post on the AMT boat kit. The kit is based on a Chris-Craft boat. Some of you may have already seen some pictures of my boat in progress. Some in the post about th reissue of this kit, the one I’m building is from the Buyers Choice issue. There are also some pictures of it in my 1954 Mercury Woody Workbench post. Thanks for looking. 






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Here are the woods I used building the AMT boat. The deck consists of 3 types of wood. Perimeter is 1/8” Mahogany. The center strip is Maple. The “ boards” are Canary Wood with iron on Maple veneer strips between the Canary Wood “boards”. Thanks for looking. 









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I set up a fence on my band saw and cut strips of the Canary Wood. Each strip of Canary Wood got a strip of heat activated iron on Maple veneer. Then they were glued together to make up the blanks to go in the perimeter of Mahogany on each side of the center Maple strip.


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She is Beautiful!!!, I did one like this with a similar wood treatment.   What engine are you going to use? Hoping not to offend you in any way, here are a couple shots of my version, I used .10 square plastic rods between the planks.










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My only problem with that kit is the scale.  It seems like it scales out to a 14' boat to me making the layout wrong.  18" to 24" would be more correct for a duel cockpit boat.
I started one myself turning it into a proper 14' fiberglass boat with an outboard and four close seats circa late 50's.

As a stand-alone project, the hull looks BEAUTIFUL!  But the scale is closer to 1/28th if you go measure a real one.


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