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'70 Monte Carlo lowrider


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I can't seem to stop making lowriders at the moment. I'm obsessed or something.

anyway, here's my go at a 1970 Chevy Monte Carlo. 

I reworked the rear suspension to drop it as far as the chassis would allow and converted it to a 4-link setup. 

Paint is all nail polish, with rattle can clear. It's base colour is orange, in case your screen makes it look red. The interior is Tamiya orange with some gold flake highlights. Any comments or questions are welcome.

thanks for looking 





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22 hours ago, Lowlife ! ! said:


Outstanding build Guy, excellent paint job again your getting really good at this stuff !

And keep em coming, more lowrider builds please ! !

Thanks mate 

I appreciate it. 

I'm still not where I want to be with it, yet. When I see work by Wes Salazar and others in his league, I know I've gotta do more and get better. 

Been looking at builds on Scaleriders, on YouTube. Amazing work.

more to come though. I have the following cars waiting to become lowriders:

66 Riviera 

87 Buick GN

64 Impala 

48 Chevy

2 x 59 Chevys (one's a ragtop)

62 Pontiac 

Hopefully I'll manage more technical and detailed patterns. More lines, more colour.

am I obsessed?  Yeah.

and here's a chassis shot that I also forgot to add.


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