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69 Olds 442


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One of the first car kits I ever got was a 1969 Olds 442.  I used the wrong glue and it came out OK, but a few parts fell off in the engine area.  I also used the wrong paint by accident for the interior and it screwed things up too.  I knew I'd like to get another at some point and when I got my gift card as  a bonus at work; I went ahead and pulled the trigger on purchasing a new kit.

The old kit was red, and I wanted to find another color to show off the W30 package under the hood.  I remembered that when my dad and I first moved into my step-mom's house they had a few junk cars around the yard.  Her ex was a mechanic and her family are pretty much hoarders; so there was a lot of cool stuff in the woods.  Around my dad's shed was a green car hood that I'm pretty sure was an Olds hood.  I thought that color would make a good color for the model, so i custom mixed the paint to match what i remembered of the hood's paint.  I like the new version of the kit.  It's been improved a lot since 2005-2006.

50443840331_def9c7238a_k.jpgSAM_0115 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr

50443840121_044c3b2bb6_k.jpgSAM_0116 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr

50444017387_952858c846_k.jpgSAM_0117 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr

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