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LeeRoy Yarbrough's 1969 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler ll


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For my latest project I decided to tackle one of these notorious monsters from Polar Lights.  Armed with the assistance of Matt McNally's excellent guide of building tips on his website just a click away, I have to say that the build went along smoother than I had figured it would.  She was still temperamental at times, but I wrestled it into submission.  The headers were the biggest fight, even with tons of trimming and testing they still don't fit right, which plays havoc with the exhaust pipes...got 'em in there the best I could.  The roof number decal gave me all kinds of fits too.  After some slicing and what seemed like an ocean of Micro Sol I conceded and had to call it good enough.  Not pleased with it but it is what it is.  The kit tires were junk so I threw on a set of PPP tires & wheels.  The last half of the exhaust pipes are aluminum tubing, though painted to match the rest of the pipes.  I'm glad I finally took the plunge and brought one of these kits to the bench, they are such a great subject and with some patience can be made into some decent lookers.  I've go three more in the stash to tackle in the future, maybe sooner than later.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to take my usual outdoor pics with snow flurries coming and going so I made do with some impromptu indoor shots.  I may try to take some better outdoor shots at a later date and post them up.  Anyways, hope everyone has a great new year's and on to the pics.













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1 hour ago, iBorg said:

Great build.....curious as to the website you got help from.

Thanks Mike.  Here's a link to the site, lots of tips on what to do about various fitment issues with these kits.  http://www.mnacreations.com/Models/   Click on tips in the top banner.

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