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Finally starting and making progress on my GT4 builds. Doing a pair of 2018 liveries, a Kohr Motorsports from IMSA Continental Tire Sportscar Challenge and a PF Racing from the Pirelli World Challenge SprintX.






Completed undercarriage:



Starting the interior:




Working on the second GT4 currently to get the dash and photoetch toggles done. Need some smaller tooling!

Looking forward to getting the body's done and decaled. 


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Great paint and detail work JP! I’ve been waiting to start my build as I’ve been searching for good details on the wiring of the interior components and their correct identification. The Tamiya instructions fail to call out the parts by name. Have you had better luck with interior references?

I’ll be keeping up with your build, Cheers Misha

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Misha - I thought the same with the lack of Tamiya call-outs. I've been going off a lot of my own shots from a few 2018 races as well as some other pics across the internet. Here's a few great reference sites:




It's a great build for the most part. Fit is really good. Depending on how detailed and realistic you want to be, there's a few color call-outs that aren't replica of the real cars, but otherwise it's top notch!

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2 hours ago, JP Models said:

Misha - I thought the same with the lack of Tamiya call-outs.

Thanks for the links, the middle one is quite detailed 👍 

The photo below is from the interior and I believe Tamiya includes it, what is it?


The next one I’m unsure if it may be in the trunk, again what is it?


The last photo appears to be the battery top, which I believe is in the trunk.


Thanks again, Misha

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Posted (edited)

Misha - Tamiya does include these details as, B43, B42/A3, and A2. All of these parts are in the interior. 

1st pic: Fire extinguisher that's near in rear of the interior (A2).

2nd pic: Honestly not sure - pressurized bottle in the interior, but unaware of exactly what it's feeding (B42/A3). The big black box in the upper left of the picture is the battery box (B8). 
EDIT: I'm fairly confident this is for the Holinger sequential shift transmission. The bottle and electronics are part of the pneumatic paddle / sequential shifting system. 


3rd pic: ECU, ignition, and vehicle electronics (B43). Motec is part of the digital dash system.  

Enjoy the build!

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Close to completing the chassis on the first GT4 - likely the PF Racing replica.



Using a blend of custom made Carbon Fiber decals and Studio27 carbon decals for the GT4 model.



Hopefully have the second chassis done soon!

Thanks for looking.


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Finished up the other chassis for the KoHR Motorsports replica. Used PE parts from Hobby Design on this one. 





Finished wiring on in the tub:


Seat belts with the detail up parts:



Thanks for looking!

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Great interior detail shots JP, makes the wiring much more understandable. I was wondering if the cables behind the seat would also be fastened down, or do they lay loose?
Cheers Misha

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Few more details done. Starting the body paint finally - I'm ready to see how the Kohr livery turns out, fingers crossed! 

Tamiya X-10 Gunmetal color is beautiful on a body. Matches the Ford Magnetic metallic charcoal gray very well.


Kohr livery wheels. well lug nuts with pink painted studs.


Tail lights painted. Tried a Model Master version of 'clear red' and it didn't hold a candle to the Tamiya X-27 clear red. Finally found some X-27 and repainted the tail lights.


Working all the carbon details... Need a different strategy if I was going to do these again! Scale Motorsports CF with lots of Solvaset.



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Well, I was really hoping I'd be done with these, but some failed Tamiya masking tape and a chrome paint that was anything but set me back quite a bit. Masked the window moldings and airbrushed the semi-gloss black to only have the bleed under the tape really mess up the clear coat. So... sanded both bodies and will attempt again. I'm afraid my KohR Motorsports body will take quite a bit more work after the chrome paint (which was bright silver) really goofed the clear coat and came off with the window molding masking tape. Oh well take 2 on the way. Did test fit some carbon pieces which has me excited for the final look!


A look at my failed KohR livery at the moment...




Hopefully more to come shortly!

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The finish line is in sight! Recoated and cleared the PF Racing Mustang GT4 Replica. On to finishing the decals and final touches!

Hobby Design photo etch pieces for the grill. Took some modifications but overall turned out well.


Really love the way Tamiya did these taillights. They look awesome.


Attempting to go 100% accurate on the replica part. This will be as the car raced in 2018 in the Pirelli World Championship series at Portland International Raceway.




Starting decals! I custom designed all of the decals on the exterior and had them printed by Highball Graphics.



Thanks for looking!


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