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Tommy Iv o's Showboat wip


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Don't see many of these Revell 1/25 kits built or in the process.  This is just a mockup of my build (no seat, body panels, chute etc) still have to do the 16 outside pipes, add a few additional fuel lines/return to fuel tank, line tee's, throttle linkage rod with actuators, brake lines and stuff.  


Thanx for looking.  Comments and observations welcome. 


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Thanks for the shout outs guys.  I'm sure the reissue (this is one of them) sold quite quickly and I'm sure there are plenty of modelers that have at least one in their stash, but like you rrb, I've never seen one built in person either.  Again, its a jewel right out of the box after a bit of attention and cleanup, even though the kit supplied  headers are quite troublesome.  

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Next to constantly knocking injector stacks and header pipes off or out of alignment during the build there's not a whole lot of frustration packaged with the kit.  I believe the biggest hurdle to most is dealing with 4 like engines. See them as one  b i g  unit and you're halfway home.  The rest is parts cleanup and as much detail as you want to add.

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Throttle linkages.  Hard to pick out but they're there.  This photo is for the right side


This is for the left.  Note the pivot arm on the throttle rod is mounted facing down.  This is due to the two downpointing headers getting in the way.  I ended up mounting the throttle rod up higher on the unused engine starter mount to get the job done believably.  I don't know how many people I'll meet that will know the difference, but it's easier to beg forgiveness....


Comments and observations welcome.

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Marcos, a lot depended on that single throttle rod and linkage to activate the four fuel distribution blocks.  I'm surprised it's not part of the kit and that's not even mentioning simplified inkage and very obvious hard fuel lines going between the engines though they do include four one piece fuel injector line assemblies.  I simply chose to make my own.  The frustrating part of the build for me is what I call 'Detail Progression Syndrome' lol.  Adding a new detail to the first engine sometimes needs re-doing cause the fourth unit - in whatever oder you do them - looks cleaner built because one becomes accustomed to doing the mod.  Despite that I think it's turning out ok.

Comments and observations welcome

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IMHO if only one other modification is done to the kit beyond spark plug wires one should consider fabricating the hard lines on top of the engine.  They easily add reality and complexity to the kit's presentation with only a small amount of attention.

This is what I'm referring to.  I've since replaced the line and tee with a better rendering.  Note that there are 3 pieces of solder, 2 brass elbows and a brass tee.  Even if just one piece of solder was used with the ends painted brass and no tee it would be an extra detail that is quite noticeable.


The photo below shows the larger piece.  Note it's backwards to what's presented in the previous photo as it was to go on the other engine bank, but thems the breaks. ☹️

A piece of solder leaves a brass elbow on top of the fuel distribution block, a small hump is created to clear an actuator bar connecting to the other row of injectors.  Following that, a number of sharp angle bends make the line circumvent the magneto to join up to the tee.  As seen in the previous photo a separate piece of solder is bent, leaving the opposite side of the tee to meet up with the distribution block on the second engine and capped with a brass elbow.  The tee itself is joined to a length of solder that connects to the fuel pump.  


Be careful not to cover a part of the injector base where a velocity stack will go.

Comments and observations welcome.

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1 hour ago, Farmboy said:

adispatch method of choice was .177 cal at 25 feet.  Silent and selective lol!

Ha Ha!  I remember taking those four motors, hanging each one on a string from a tree branch,and using them for BB gun practice! An M-80 took care of the rest of that diabolical thang!


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