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Parts-Box Dragster Build


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I have been working on a History of Top Fuel Dragsters in model form to show the development of my favorite drag racing class and I keep looking to fill in holes in the timeline. Here’s a late fifties/early sixties dragster I built a while back to fill one of those spots. It involved using an old Revell parts pack Dragmaster Chassis and body parts. The engine came from a completely different parts pack and had been built and sitting around for years. I finally decided it was time to put it to good use. The rear slicks came from the relatively recent AMT M&H Racemaster tires pack and the fronts and both sets of wheels were just in the regular spare parts box. Even the decals came from the spare-decals drawer.

I cleaned everything up, repainted parts of the engine, added the magneto and ignition wires along with the braided fuel lines and all the usual aluminum AN fittings. All in all, it turned out to be a rather easy build but a very satisfying one. All from the parts-box!

Mongoose dragster 2.JPG

Mongoose Dragster 4.JPG

Mongoose Dragster 6.JPG


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Yup, yup, yup. I love those old Revell parts packs.... Just my kinda build, using some old parts combined with just the right combo of other newer parts all put together in a straightforward and fairly simple style. It just goes to show a build doesn't have to be super complex, loaded with every PE lever, nut and bolt in place to have 'the look'.... Awesome!

P.S. I spy the Greer, Black, Prudhomme yellow dragster on your shelf. That's on my bucket list of builds...-RRR

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