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Workbench Tool Storage and Organization

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What do you use for workbench tool storage and organization? Show me what you have for racks, or organizers.

I was using a silverware drawer insert, but I outgrew it.

Then I bought some of the modular workbench organizers from Hobbyzone USA. I am pleased with these for the most part, but they don't quite organize my tools the way I want them organized.

Which leads me to a tangent question for all of you.

Do any of you have a CNC router? Or do you know someone that does?

I ask because I designed my own tool storage unit and now I am looking for someone that can produce it.

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Here's my main bench. I recently bought the angled storage "racks" from Temu, based on a recommendation from Jim Keeler. They really freed up some space! I was able to rid myself of three cans that were holding the sanding boards, pens and pencils and markers. I also freed up two of the large drawers, and four small ones from the cabinet next to them. I used a length of wire, a magnet and a thumbtack to secure the top four units from tipping forward while removing items. I had to buy eight of them, to reach the $10 minimum order.



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I like those vertical angled racks. I'll have to look for something like that.

I bought like $70 worth of organization cubbies from Hobbyzone USA. They are great designs, but I don't really like them. Like the brush storage is a couple of plates, but the plates are several inches apart and there are no tubes between the two plates, so brushes don't just find their home properly.

And the first bruch rack was completely vertical. It was hard to select brushes when they were standing vertically in a group. So then I bought their brush rack that lays the brushes down at an angle. Problem is now the brushes are pointing right at me. Making them hard to see which one I want. I ended up chopping up the two modules and creating my own hybrid organizers.

This prompted me to design my own. So now I am looking for someone that can make the design. But people charge a lot for router time, so I am actually exploring the idea of buying a router.

I like rabbit holes I guess.

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For personal reasons, I sometimes have to use a rolling workbench and large coffee mugs are compact and hard to beat for some duplicate tools and supplies.  The inexpensive bucket boss (about $4.00 from Home Depot) are a nice addition to those mugs.  On my “regular” bench, I have tried a number of “organizers” and have found most of them lacking.  I usually end up using the shelves on my roll up desk for most of my storage.  I also have some of the roll around drawers that are quite helpful.




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One of the best (bloodless) hobby knife storage.  Double back tape on the base of packing material.  The price is right and can be put almost anywhere.  I also like the mini wooden shelves and rolling drawers available from numerous places.  Boy, that floor is dusty.






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