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1962 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II by Minicraft Models: WIP

David G.

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21 hours ago, drodg said:

Looks good.   I saw a similar Rolls in Chicago Saturday night in an off white.  You are doing a great job with this.

Thank you David. It must have been nice to see one of these in person. I saw one in Cottonwood, AZ earlier this year which is the inspiration for many of my build choices.



19 hours ago, Bainford said:

Coming along nicely, David. I like the burl walnut work in the interior.

Thank you Trevor. I'm rather pleased with the results myself.

22 hours ago, paul alflen said:

David  G. , remember this started out as a Promo by Hubley then released as a kit by Hubley in 1962? It was also released by Minicraft in the late 80's early 90"s and by many others.  The tool is getting worn out in its many travels. You did a good job on this despite the body tool being worn out!

Hi Paul, thank you for your kind comment. I did do a bit of research when I started the build but I don't recall learning of the kits promo origins. The characteristics of the kit are very promo-like, so that makes sense. Thanks again for your kind words.

Thanks Again,

David G.

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Hello Everybody!

Here's a bit more progress on the Rolls.

The boot lid is nearly finished. The modifications I made to reduce and even up the gap between the lid and the body have been smoothed and blended to my satisfaction and we're ready for the final primer coat and paint.




The paint went on well but it will certainly need a second coat after a bit of color sanding.




I just dropped the boot lid in place for a quick color match comparison so it's not properly seated which is why the fit isn't great. But yeah, we definitely need a second coat.



As always, thanks for taking your time to have a look. If you want to take a little more time to post a comment, please feel free to do so.

David G.

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Hello Everybody!

I'm beginning to feel as if I may finish this one this year. It would be nice to have one more off the workbench and in the display case, here's hoping.

To the naked eye, the color of the hood panels looks like a good match to the rest of the body. The camera however seems to tell a different story. Maybe it's just the lighting, maybe they could use another coat of paint. I'll have to think about it.

The hood fit will be addresses during final installation.




The boot lid color however, does match quite nicely to the body. As does the seam where the two panels meet. I plan on gluing in place as I can see no reason to be able to open it.



As always, thanks for your interest and please feel free to share any thoughts or opinions.

David G.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hello Everybody!

Here's a long overdue update on the Rolls.

I had my little desk-top studio set up because I was taking some photos of another subject so I decided to get a photo of the Rolls. I finally got a good color match between the hood panels and the rest of the body. The hood and trunk lids will be securely glued down. I also painted the chrome trim around the windows and on the body with Molotow ink using a fine brush.




I finally got an acceptable chrome-like finish on the radiator grille. The headlights and driving lights are also looking pretty good. I've painted the chrome lenses with a mixture of diluted white paint and clearcoat in the hope of improving their appearance.




Bringing it all together for a mock-up photo, I find that I'm actually rather pleased with the way the lights and grille look. I still need to work on the fit and placement of the driving lights as they seem to be aimed for worm-spotting. The windshield and side windows have also been installed but I still need to do a clean-up on the adhesive ooze. Other than that, not too bad considering what I started out with.



As always, thanks for taking the time to look and please feel free to post a comment if you wish.

David G.

Edited by David G.
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12 hours ago, Danno said:

Wow!  Just - wow, David!  Good job on this beast.


Amazing what you can find at the DSC swap meet, huh? 

Thanks Danno. As you could see, it's been a challenge but I'm pleased with the way it's turning out.

Indeed it is amazing what one can find. Getting to see so many wonderful and beautifully built model cars in one place is also quite a treat.  

Thanks also for the work that you and the rest of the Cactus Car Modelers of Phoenix to bring the whole event together. I look forward to it every year.


11 hours ago, Joe Handley said:

That is looking fantastic so far!

Thank you Joe, I appreciate that.

David G.

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Hello Everybody!

I wrapped this one up over the weekend so this will probably be the last update in the WIP section. 

I felt the need to whip up some license plates and an international country code decal for the rear window.



A couple of vanity plates for Arizona 1969. It was the closest I could get to the state and date that I could make using the Acme License Maker web page.

I'll see you all in the Under Glass section once I get the chance to get some photos.

Thanks again,

David G.

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