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Sox & Martin '65 Plymouth "Paper Tiger"


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On 7/28/2023 at 3:25 PM, papajohn97 said:

Oops! Four speed. Thank you for the correction. The coil is from the kit which specified mounting it perpendicular to the engine bay wall. I went parallel which I like the look of better. Also the entire underside of the chassis should be totally white (S&M wanted it to SHINE when they popped wheelies!) but I thought it might look like I forgot to paint it so I painted the frame rails black.

My scale modeling philosophy is fun over accuracy!

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL job on the build!!!!!    Amazes me how people can "nit pick" such a fantastic job over the "location of a rivet".........   Look forward to seeing the next build.


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13 hours ago, 1320wayne said:

the four speed would run with the short stacks and the scoop on the hood.

Thanks Wayne, I agree with you that S&M appeared to initially use the shorter Hilborn FI velocity stacks that were originally spec’d with the 4-speed and Hemi hood scoop on earlier appearances of this car but then I ran across this photo that is scoop-less and the stacks seem to be taller (at least they appear to be pretty close to my model!).

My model omits the fuel tank mounted on the front grill, the Keystone mag wheels on the front, the metal headlight covers and the center racing stripe and smaller Plymouth name on the hood.

The fact that these ‘65 - ‘66 A/FX - match race cars changed from week to week (and sometimes during a single weekend meet) makes them particularly interesting (and forgiving!) to model.

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