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What about Nissan Hardbody pickups?

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So, in the early 2000s, and until around 2016-ish, a 2WD 1992 Nissan D-21 King Cab pickup served as my ready-steady dd, until it rusted into oblivion..

It was pretty much the same as the one in this pic, though mine was much darker green, and retained it's factory pinstripes and lettering, the one in this pic has clearly been repainted, and they didn't exactly get the color right :


I was quite fond of the tough as nails, ugly little ba$tard, and I want to do a build of it..

So, the answer is YES, I am well aware of the 1/20 scale kit, and it is indeed nice and detailed, BUT I don't do 1/20 scale..

1/24 or 1/25 so that it matches all my other stuff in terms of scale..

Do any of you know of a 1/24 kit in styrene, likely from a Japanese company, perhaps a resin kit, or a diecast?

I appreciate any insight, thanks!

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7 hours ago, bobthehobbyguy said:

I suspect that the operation is more complicated than scanning a 1/20th scale it and then reducing it to 25th.

Maybe someone who knows rhe issues of that process could enlighten us.

It would be the same as scanning a 1/1 and recuding to whichever scale you desire. Bigger even if you wanted. 

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