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Custom `55 and `56 Chevy`s


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These were both built as a Christmas gift to my parents. They are celebrating their 40th anniversary just after New Year`s, and they are going with a 50`s theme for the party after the ceremony. They asked me to bring some 50`s era models, and I decided to build these as gifts that they could display.

Anyway, they are pretty much built box stock. The only modifications for the `55 were the addition of the Torque Thrust wheels from `58 Corvette kit, the exhaust tips made from aluminum tubing, and of course the typical addition of wires, hoses, carpeting, etc. I decided to go with the Torque Thrusts because I thought they looked more like a street rod wheel as opposed to the kit aftermarket wheels which look a little more "classy", and thought would be more appropriate for the `56. For the `56, I decided to use the `55 kit`s wheels, and made exhaust tips from aluminum tubing that are identical to the ones one the 55. Hoses, wires, and carpeting were added to this one as well. The kits went together fairly well, although the windows and bumpers were very difficult to line up properly and it was difficult to know exactly where the bumpers mounted. However, they are both very rewarding and convincing once complete.

Paint on the red one is Duplicolor light metallic red followed by several coats of the clear red Metalizer, topped of with about 5-7 coats of clear. The white is Testors Classic White lacquer. The paint on the purple one is Duplicolor Bahama Blue followed by several coats of purple clear Metalizer. It actually looks much more purple in person as opposed to the blueish color in the pics. The black is Duplicolor Universal Black. After a quick color-sand, 5-7 coats of clear were applied. Both were rubbed out with 3 grades of compound.

Let me know what you think!











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Very well done... All of your hard work is a fitting tribute to all of the Hard Work your parents have done to stay together for Forty Years... tell them Happy Anny from me and congrats.... If they or you get tired of those Tri Fives I'll send you my address and postage... LOL

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