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Flamed 49 Mercury

Chris C

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G'Day everyone, first post here! Kanedge introduced me to the forum & I must say I'm impressed with the builds going on here.

Anyway, this is my Revell 49 Mercury. Built basically box stock, other than the mandatory lowering. I'm at the point of being too lazy to bother with extra detailing like wiring etc, Once the car is done it stays in the cabinet, no one ever sees the details! Paint is Tamiya spray lacquer, decanted and airbrushed. The flames are masked using a mask I made on my vinyl cutter (I make signs, decals etc) and airbrushed with Tamiya lacquers. Then I applied copious amounts of 2K clear, granted it's not a realistic finish in scale, but I dig it!

Hope you like it, thanks for looking!







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Thanks for the great comments! Much appreciated. I agree, Peter, you can't beat painted graphics! I'm flaming everything at the moment!!

And yes Kane, you need to do another one.... with flames! I reckon I'll do another Merc at some stage, one of my favorite kits too.

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This is great! I love the traditional Hot Rod flames on a traditional Hot Rod, and you nailed this. Just a perfect combo yellow/orange flames on black....it doesn't get any better. Beautiful, just beautiful. ;)

Dittos X 3!!

That is just purely spectacular, Chris! Thanks so much for posting it and for joining us here. (Welcome aboard!)

Keep 'em coming.


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Thanks again, guys!

Bob, there's something in the pipeline as far as tutorials go. The end results really make the process look like it's hard. Truth be told it's really quite easy and anyone with an airbrush can do it! The full flame job is usually complete in less than 20 minutes (not including clear of course) So far I've done 6 cars a Kenworth truck and a trailer, all have been a breeze....

More to be revealed soon (ish.... time permitting!!)

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