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Model Cars Magazine #154

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Sounds like it would be faster if the magazines were sent by carrier pigeon to each address!!!

No wonder the USPS is losing billions of $$ a year. There must be a more efficient system than that! :lol:

It's called "logistics"!!!:)

No, seriously, it is! Stuff sent from the SE will go across through Moup to Iowa (I-80 corrordor), sorted and then back across to Chicago then sent here 55 miles south. It could have been sorted out onto a truck at Nashville and sent almost straight up IL. But they say the bulk goes all the way to the west coast so it is run that way then they back track! They claim it is cheaper!:lol:

Just like I send a letter to the next town north.(1 block away from my door) it will be sent 70 miles south, sorted then sent back north! Used to go to the next town south (2 miles PO to PO) and get sorted but they said it cost too much to up date the equipment here. Last I heard the contracted the sorting out down there!:lol:

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I know it's not somrething you have control over... when i lived in NY i got it a day or maybe 2 after it was mailed... moving here to NC has change that... letters mailed as much as my mags seem to take an extra week to get to me.... i can mail something from here to my sis in ny and she gets it the next day she mails me something priority and it take 4-7 days... i have gotten used to it...lol..so no grips from me on the mag at all.. love it and will keep my script going as well as try to get some of the others in the area to subscribe....

stay well my friend


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Just got it 2-day!!! YEAH!!!!!

And it arrived in immaculate condition! Sorry you guys got your copies TRASHED by the (no offense) sloppy, barbaric postal workers/drivers... Guess in some aeras there like that and expect ppl to care less as the're in their I-twit lands.

Edited by V-spec
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I just got home from the Midwest (nice snow piles you got there Harry ! :) ) and #154 was among the mail. Not sure which day it was received (doesn't matter at this point) and my only complaint is that the bottom right hand corners of the pages were tattered (sha-doobie) and the magazine was a little beat up.

Got a quick scan done while waiting for the compuker to boot up and download 5 days of emails (ugh, I'll be up late) and looks like a good read is coming. Like the midget article as I just bought one of the Edelbrock midgets.

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And I still haven't gotten mine yet!

Actually Harry, me either.

And I have not received 3 of the last 4 previous issues besides! Think I am off the rolls as a subscriber/contributor somehow.

I do not fault Gregg of course... but it is curious.

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