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Do you realize that the money made by the magazine pays for this forum?

In other words... no magazine, no forum.

Maybe MCM should take the next step, go exclusively to an e-zine format. People who prefer having paper in hand vs. reading the mag on their computer or device could have the option to print it out themselves for a small cost, and there would be no more delivery issue in the traditional sense. Yes, their would still be downloading and other issues, and I'm sure the cost of upgrading the website isn't cheap, but advertisers and subscribers who wish to view exclusive content could cover the costs of the website, and it would eliminate a ton of headaches for the MCM staff. :D

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The simple answer is: we can only run the stuff that we receive!

MCM doesn't have "staff writers;" we don't assign anyone a particular topic to write about.... almost all of the articles and features (besides the regular monthly columns–Trucks, Collector's Corner, Resin, etc.) come from you guys–the readers! And it's the people who are submitting the material that are deciding on what topic they want to write about.

I can't run pro-mod features unless pro-mod features are submitted!

Harry, I totally understand & you are 100% correct. Lets forget everything that was written above & staret over. I recieved my issue & it was in great condition, no problems with anything. I totally enjoy every issue I have & will get. I do read everything & try to put that into what I build, as you know somethings work & some don't, I can't wait till the next issue. :D

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e-zine? Well it wouldn't be free as Harry said the magazine pays for the forum. So we would have to still pay for it and wait for it to be updated. And then we would have to pay to print it too? e-zines are the lamest things. Just fancy web sites. Get rid of the silly flipping pages and make a good web site that people pay for. But be that as it may my money will still go to the publisher who delivers a paper mag to my postal box not one that expects me to absorb the printing costs. There are enough free forums out there that getting people to pay for magazine websites?...well not me anyway.... :)

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If I can' hold it in my hand I won't pay for it, and most of us old greay heads feel this way. E-ziene soon = no-ziene.

No offense, but I'll be blount- the way the "old guys" do business is twenty years out of date. I'm sure you remember a certain Bob Dylan song. Yes, the times are sure a changin', and the number of people with smart phones is increasing every day, which is just another way for MCM to deliver it's content. I'm sure advertisers would like to have their business listed at the top of every MCM forum page, with a clickable link that takes a person right to their website for a potential sale. ;) I suppose a few people still send an SASE for a catalog or an order, but that way of doing business is near dying quickly.

Note that I never said all MCM content would have to be paid for, just some exclusive features and info. There is already a ton of info on this and other scale model forums for free, so why do people still pay to get the information and pictures in magazine form? Because they want to.

I don't claim to have all the answers, but I certainly like to see people thinking ahead instead of looking back at what worked twenty years ago. Magazines will never die, but they will never be as popular and numerous as they once were, and I think a strong and direct online editorial presence for MCM would be a good thing, both for MCM and the people who are about it, be they readers, subscribers, advertisers, or contributors. :)

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If I can' hold it in my hand I won't pay for it, and most of us old greay heads feel this way. E-ziene soon = no-ziene.

Gregg has said several times here on the forum that even if the e-zine version happens, the paper version is not going away... so all you old-timers out there who still churn your own butter and grind your own flour don't have to worry about the paper magazine going away. :)

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There is an e-version of the mag coming, it's geared towards those new young techies and the overseas mates.

There is a huge market out there for the computerically inclined and digitalologists out there

It won't be free, I am not that rich, or even partially....

It's a supplement to the mag, for those who want it that way



I don't want to beat that dead horse again, and again, and again.

I really don't understand the thinking that always comes up with the issue of an e-version.

Can't you read my lips: NOT A REPLACEMENT!!!

Wait, that didn't go well for da Bush man!!!

Sorry, bad joke.

go lay down

yes sir

k, pau

Thanks for all the support guys

I hope this puts to rest this issue,.... bad pun

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No disrespect meant to the female gender, but next time a woman tells you that men have never experienced the pain of childbirth without anesthesia, I would suggest mentioning the trauma of throwing one's back out (happens to me about every 1-2 years and renders me unable to move or walk for about 3 days at a time; my wife just thoroughly enjoys bringing a pee bottle to my bed and emptying it), and for that matter, kidney stones.

I sympathize with Gregg and I understand how it makes the simplest of functions (such as lying still without pain) impossible to perform. The challenges must be immense when one suffers chronic problems over the years.

sjordan, what I ment buy the lady being kind was that she was really helpfull and nice... Not like the time my dad called nintendo customer service around dec '09, and they kept telling him that the system is broken if the (wii sports) disc dosen't work.

He was REALLY mad at them because even we figured out it was the disc not the system (we tried GC games and New SMB wii, and they worked), but they kept saying the unit was falty and it would take alomst a month to replace (eventuly he spoke to another person and everything worked out).

Anyways, didn't get me mag yet; suspect it the krazy weather we've been havin'! Hopefully it comes by the next week or so...

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still have not recieved mine.... look fwd to it by what some of ya are talkin about.... always seems that the PO( for which i work for) always seems to get mine to me about a week after evryone else.... happens with my SA, my ol skool rods and my car culture deluxe.... same thing other peeps get them about 4 to 7 days before i do... HHHHMMMMM maybe to PO knows i work for them and is trying to make me discgruntled....

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Please have patience when the issues are mailed out

Everyone does not receive them at the same time

It's the old Power of Six theory that I worked out years ago, with PF.

If there are six readers in the same zip code drop zone, they get bundled up together in one sack, and delivered to the local Post Office/Distribution Center, and they get there usually within a week.

If there are not, lets say John and Fred live in the same state, but way different zip code drop zones.

Then, John and Fred's copies are bundled up with Bod, Frank, and everyone else in that same first three number zip code drop center, goes to the periodical processing center, which then gets processed and sorted to another route, which then gets sent to the local PO, which then gets sent to the local carrier.

It's a double power of six: If there are not six in the zip code zone, then it goes through at least six other processing plants/Post Offices before your carrier gets it.

We ran tests with this, and it was pretty accurate.

No, I'm not trying to push you to run out and get five of your local club buddies to subscribe, so you get the mag faster, but heh, why didn't I think of that!!!!


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I just found that a local automotive book store carries MCM, so I was able to purchase my first copy, and I must say it is everything that SA is not, in a good way. I probably won't subscribe, because I like the store that carries it, so I'll buy it there - a virtual win win :lol:

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If there are not six in the zip code zone, then it goes through at least six other processing plants/Post Offices before your carrier gets it.

Sounds like it would be faster if the magazines were sent by carrier pigeon to each address!!!

No wonder the USPS is losing billions of $$ a year. There must be a more efficient system than that! :lol:

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