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Gary Weckessers Mach 1V Mustang " Finished Photo`s"

John Teresi

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Hello......thank you all for following this build........"Speed City" resin body kit......Revell Tommy Ivo "Showboat" kit for the donor......."Whoopie Kat" decals.......Slixx decals for tires.......wired and plumbed using 'PRO TECH" : spark plug wires,wire looms,gauges,t`fittings,fuel line,detail wire,oil filters,5 point seat-belt harness,junction boxes,Vertex pre-wired distributors......modified chassis.....alot of scratch built parts.......H.O.K. pearl white......thank`s for looking.











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Hola amigo!! John... This is an incredible build-up and the level of cleanliness and detail is so over the top!! Im thinkin outta the park and some where in the lot!! lol! Super Duper cool model! Hats off to ya fella! The amount of skill is all there fella keep on wit the keepin on! I especially love the spent gas in the stacks!!


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