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Obscure Kits You Never Knew Were Made...Until Now

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Was browsing the German Wettringer hobby forum and discovered this....


Couldn't hot link the photo's from their site, but found this one at Scalemates, thus picture courtesy of them.



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Edit title of OP to say AUTOMOTIVE if that's the case..............it does say obscure......... :rolleyes:

If you fell I should've said something earlier, well, I wouldn't disagree with you, but from this point forward, in this topic, we're keeping it model car related. I don't think there needs to be any further clarification that this:

For general model car hobby or 1:1 automotive related topics ONLY.
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New one to me,,,,although GM stuff is usually not on my radar . But I thought this was pretty cool .


nice clear coat, must have used some of the vintage clear coat that made the past infamous April issue of the early Model Cars magazine.
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I guess the 57 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham IS a Odd Choice, But

has been re-issued Many times in the past 20+ years.

Lastly in a Standard type box and Not as a Limited SSP program!!

Yes, I do have one of those too

Not sure how I rill replicate the Stainless Steel roof though!!!

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The subject is not very obscure (You can buy Revells kit of the same subject for peanuts) but the price tells me it must be very rare. Still, in my eyes, not worth it.



And here is another in the same series, not quite the same price but still way over the top.



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What is the word on the Tamiya slot cars above? This is the first I've ever heard of Tamyia offering America subjects. I hope this is something new, and non-slot cars versions of these cars become available. I love Tamyia's kits (or Tamyia anything for that matter). And it would be very cool to see Tamyia start offering kits of older American cars, like the two above. I especially want the Plymouth.


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If you check out the Ebay auction you will find pictures of the body where it is copyrightdated 1967. I'm guessing that these are old Tamiya kits that have not been reissued since.


But does the age and rarity makes it worth 4400$?

It looks like a simple kit. Only body, glass and bumpers, grille and wheels on a small chrome sprue.

The Plymouth is atleast a little more difficult to find in 1:25, I see some Johan promos of the same year and body on Ebay. It sold for 1300$.

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I remember having seen that box art before. I would really like a reissue of that one. Anyone know if the molds exist and what company that owns them?

That was an original promo tooling that Johan sold as a curbside kit back in the late 1980s, along with the '62 Studebaker Lark Convertible and the 1960 Plymouth wagon. I doubt that the tooling exists today.

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The 60 mPlymouth wagon was Never in that Series

I have both issues of it

First was USA Oldies WITH Engine, Second was Police Emergency Wagon

Same kit with added Police decals

the whip (tall/long) antenna, LAPD version 2 pc Siren & NYPD ver

4 beam rotator from the 68 Fury and new Spotlight Mirrors.

IF I get a dry, clear day I can take pic's,

And IF I can get connection I can upload them to Photobucket and link-post here

I traded one of the Police issues, and managed to get another

a few years later.

I started to restore the USA Oldies I built New Way back then

Of the Snap kit series, I have that Rambler, 2 of the Studebaker Lark convert

the 74/75 Olds Cutlass & the 79 Cadillac Coupe DeVille.

I am missing the Eldorado, Torino & Javelin/AMX to complete the series

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