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Obscure Kits You Never Knew Were Made...Until Now

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How about just a box top that was never made but the kit was??? Not 100% on topic....but an excuse to show it!


I liked this version......but Sean's spin won out over this one I did.

Maybe next time!!!

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I am not able to see if I had posted here prior to this . The Aurora double kits are grail for the Vintage builders . The rods , not so much as are the Stock Versions . The Stock only versions were Mail Order kits Aurora sold . The 1911 Chevrolet is coming in Resin from Kevin at Missing Link . The Amplicar is coming from Ma's Resins along with a '39 Gram Sharknose . I had the Winnebago kit I built . Anyone mention Hess Petroleum Promotionals ? I have the Training Van (missing the side door) . This thread did get much mileage . I am wanting the Chrysler Boat . Did not the Fonzie kit offer two versions . The Triumph pictured here and later a Harley . The HD was out around the time the Episode of ; "Fonzie Jumps a live shark" . No figure . I don't remember the scales either . Thanx ..

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I wish they could recast that slant six from the '60s. I think it was Renwal?

It was Revell. I have one, I could photo the box art. A bit o'trivia. Chrysler actually shipped Revell a slant six engine to use in designing the kit. It wound up sitting in Jim Keeler's office. Tex Smith had come in, and the subject got to a car Tex was building. He was hung up on the engine, and Jim suggested he take the slant six out of his office. So Tex installed it in the XR6. Then AMT did a model of the XR6, producing a model of that slant six that came from Revell.

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What would you bite on? Which posting are you referring too?

Scott Aho

The 69 to 74 Chevy Caprice and the Chrysler boat....or most of the ones listed here on the tread....basically your post. I myself would be too happy to see many of the old MPCs,Johans,AMTs make a comeback from the 60s and 70s era.

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Would this 1/32 Lindberg Dodge be considered rare?

The Lindberg 1/32s of cars that weren't done in 1/25 scale such as the Chrysler Cordoba / Dodge Charger and Ford Granada / Mercury Monarch cars are sought after by a bunch of us, but not by the majority of modelers. Thus, they may be hard to find but when they are found the prices aren't all that expensive. There are more mainstream models that go for many hundreds.

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I have that Charger too. And the twin/Modified Cordoba.

Built Way Back When!

The white one is the Charger (Painted afte r the plastic yellowed badly)

, the Green, the Cordoba. (only the Vinylsection of the roof is painted here--Plastic polished otherwise)

The one trailer is from MPC's 1/32 73+Chev Stepside pickup

The Flatbed is Scratch-Built


Oh Yea, I replaced the small Lindberg tires with rubber/Vinyl ones from IMC 1/32 Nascar kits that were

converted from Slotcar bodies. So they are Not correct for a Street driver!!!! But, They Do Fill the wheel wells better!!!!!!!!!

And, Yeah, I think I need to re-paint the Charger!!

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