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What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

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I found this kit on ebay. It was listed as no box and seller didn't know what version of the trucks they were, but they were sealed in bags . As it turns out the box was original, just missing the artwork, and the kits were packaged together by a now defunct railroad hobby supplier. I printed an image found online and affixed it to the box. Now it at least looks original. ;)





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On 12/25/2023 at 5:36 PM, kelson said:

Merry Christmas everyone!,some stuff i treated myself to not a van fan,but this old Mpc van kit caught my eye!


Some more paint for future builds.IMG_6202.thumb.JPG.7137eb297f513f9acb314113d914dd8d.JPG

Came across this transkit for the recently re released Corrado i already have a couple of the coupes and convertibles in the stash to use these parts with.IMG_6203.thumb.JPG.8afd6d35efaa08d07edc67c39b311f62.JPG

Man, that dodge van was a score…

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Had got around to rewatching the Batman trilogy in 4K, and in the 2nd movie with the tumbler reminded me of moebius. I had forgot they produced these kits, as I own the new Batman car they had put out. So found these with a good deal on eBay. 

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