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  • 2 weeks later...

Wow Cato,... are we in final assembly !!?

Awesome job on that interior sir...


Thanks Bruce. In the main coach we actually are in final. But still, slicing and dicing of the hood panels will likely be the end of the heavy lifting. Success remains to be seen.

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You still got a long way to go on this C. There's plenty left to do ... although I don't see it from here

 Don't stop now ...



pleeeeese :rolleyes:

Not sooo much Mike. Remember the fenders, trunk, wheels and tires are all done and just bolt on. Small details like lights to add but the real fabricating and fitting is only the hood. I'm still perfecting the finished door fit so taking my time now and trying to be really careful about not hurting anything.

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Better hurry Cato, my house is almost ready :P

She is looking really sweetB)

I would love to see you do some forced perspective photos of the finished work, you know where it looks like it is on the road or parked with real building behind. Your realism level is off the scale with this build.

Well, there are no English castles or Big Ben in my neighborhood Scott. . But I do have backdrop and photo plans when the time comes. That will be the 'fun' part. :rolleyes:

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