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Pocher Rolls Sedanca


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Spectacular. All of the elements are really coming together. Love the roof, love the interior, love the chromed parts. I love it all! This is model building at a level you just don't see very often.

And this is a guy who I am THRILLED to see active on the board again! Harry thanks for dropping in and glad you feel well enough to do so. The place just ain't the same without ya.

Now that you're home, how about dragging out that big, spectacular, Shooting Brake and giving me a little RR company ??

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Up front...

The body alterations now mean that the kit plastic top (and side)  hood panels are too short. I decided to scratch build new top panels from aluminum. I must keep the side panels in kit plastic due to the louvers. This has been a long test process but finally have shapes that will work. They need structure and shims  on the underside. They are loosely placed here until they can be bolted to the center hinge:






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This looks awesome.  I'll bet it was a bad day realizing that an entire new hood would be needed, eh? As I said I n another thread, you Pocher guys are the rockstars of the hobby. 

No Eric, it was planned and debated for a long time. The change was made necessary by the body location alterations and I was not happy having to piece in fillers to lengthen them.

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While waiting for materials for the hoods, I decided to finish to completion the back half of the car. Everything here is either permanently attached (no mock-ups) or removable for maintenance. This is final form. I have modified the headlights for assembly and the front fenders will go on so the hood panels can be fabricated.









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More small progress...

I decided to move on and permanently mount the front fenders so the hoods could be fitted. First they needed the headlights and horns. I found I was missing the two plastic horn bodies seen in Koo's CD, so had to scratch build two. These are Model Motorcars lights, cut 5mm lower:





I now have the ride height and tire gap I have been working towards:


Click on each for the full-size, un-distorted pix.

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I am really looking forward to seeing the final result.  I can't help asking, any thoughts about what you'll di for an encore? 

Thanks Eric. Final result won't be until early spring because that's 'painting' weather'.

But I plan to make a backdrop for photos, case and maybe document in book form, so work for it will continue.  And I won't drag you all through construction of those things.  Another model is doubtful just now.

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How're things Cato?

Are you going to publish that book? They actually print books to order nowadays like Harry's ... price is cheap ... just sayin ...





Thanks for asking Mike. Have been working (with many interruptions)  to build the hood panels. Will show soon.

Book far away in mind just now - must get closer to completion.


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