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A little more bling...

After removing the tail lamps from their storage crypt, I realized I could do the same up front. I dug out the Pocher front fender lamps, assembled them (after a dip in Future) and mounted them on the fenders for good. Feels good to see bright bits going on slowly. All this while waiting for some prep work on the interior headliner to dry. More soon...





Using flash appears to light the lamp...



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Headline news...

Quite awhile back in the thread I mentioned that I had an idea to make the headliner for the interior from the textured dryer sheets used to soften clothes in the dryer. Some ideas you get turn out not to be good. Because my roof is radically cut and seamed I needed to conceal those marks. Also the Pocher  'ribs' had to be ground down as much as possible and concealed. So through a process of trimming and fitting, I got it to fit with just one pleat at the inner corner curve. Here is is glued down with contact cement.


I just wasn't happy because it had a texture like stucco when painted. I turned to Dave Cox for advice and he generously shared his headliner method with me. Since virtually all of his Rolls tops are chopped it was the answer to my situation.

Using sheet styrene you fab an inner 'shell' with one long piece making both sides and one simple flat one for the top. It took a great deal of time making patterns for the parts and trial fitting. Then removing and shaving or trimming some more. Cut too much and you need a new one. Have a nice supply of sheet goods on hand.

The idea is that the back corners curl so you don't have a ripple or seam in the corners. Keep the curl to a minimum so that the seat will fit deep within and touch the back roof wall. And the real secret is the three cats used as a 'fence' to support the bottom of the vertical piece. Because the piece is so long side-to-side, I had to let in a central addition because the Evergreen sheet I have is only 12" long.


Now don't try this if you're in a hurry - it eats up hours if you want a perfect fit.



The seam where top meets side will be hidden when this is covered with fabric. I will use a light color on Dave's advice because it gets dark in there when all assembled. I'm too chicken to put in vanity or courtesy lights. Besides, starlets work best in the dark - I'm told.

Here is a placement of the seat, which I had to modify at this late stage. I had to trim off the ''package shelf' area attached to the Pocher seat back so it would sit deeper in the interior right under the rear window. Yes, the seat back will be at the window's bottom - this is just stuck in there. This can now all come out for painting of the body shell. But some holes to drill in it first...





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Yes the modelling is very good, but what grabs my attention is the background..the nicely organized drill bits, the pliers and cutters all neat and in a row a big long workbench for a 1/8 build  mmmmm OCD appeased.

I am going crazy in a messy little room with poor organization and no time or equipment to fix it.

I cannot wait to get working on my shop space B)


Ok I am all right now, great work as always Cato

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Thanks for the update. Every time I check in on this thread, I'm amazed by what I see.

Looking at the texture of the dryer sheet you've used, it looks like it could also be used to simulate the interior surface of a fiberglass panel.

Thanks for sharing that tip.

David G.

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  • 2 weeks later...

The next phase...

Having sorted the headliner the big step of body paint is now under weigh. Holes were drilled for the running boards and spotlight and everything sanded to 600. Then masking of the upper (red) area. Three coats of white Mr Surfacer 1000 left a very nice and smooth base. Then these three coats of Krylon Sweet Cream. It layed down surprisingly well with nearly no peel. Tomorrow, weather permitting, another stronger coat of cream to provide depth of color and complete coverage of the door sills. Then unmasking and curing for about a week before fine grit color sanding.




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Turning the corner...

Body in color at last. Both colors are in raw paint, not color sanded or polished yet. Only doors and trunk are in final finish and polish state. Much handling of the main coach yet to come before finishing steps.

Seen here, some bits are just hung on for a look-see, The wheel, chromed windshield frame and door are just placed and the running board is clipped from below. I can now finally see what my vision turned out. The lowness of the roof compared to stock Pocher is readily apparent. Contributing to the streamlined look are the Bugatti color sweep, sectioned, sloped and lowered trunk and the ~7mm trimmed rocker panel under the doors. The roof covering fabric is seen in the foreground for color compatibility. The lowered, streamlined effect is heightened when the fenders are attached but they're protected in storage for now as they too are in final polished state.

So here you have it my friends - love it or hate it but I don't think many will yawn. For many this is sacrilege to afflict to a stately RR. But I did get closer to my vision than I expected. Rolls and Royce may be spinning in their graves but maybe George Barris is not. In fact he may think I didn't go far enough.

Go ahead gang, pass judgement - I'm a big boy...










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I agree with Skip. This has been quite the incredible model to watch. I can't wait to see the complete product.  Please keep up withe posting your progress. 

Thank you Eric, nice to have you aboard. Work and planning always on-going even if not post-worthy. Currently awaiting dry weather so I can clear the coach paint. Then headliner installation, roof covering and ---stuff. Still a lot of stuff to go. But the chunks are getting bigger at least. :blink:

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