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I Really Like Like This Hobby,,,,, But

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Here is a couple pictures of my most recent project. I was really pleased with the progress. The paint looked good the decals looked good. Then I clear coated and the model was reuined. In a split second all the work I put into it down the the drain. One side looks great one side looks like a horror movie.

Slixx recommend Testors clear coat and not Tamyia I used Testors but applied it too heavy. The hobby is humbling and it keeps my pride in check. Thankfully there are some absolutely amazingly generous people on this forum and one of them is sending a new set. So it is into the brake fluid the body goes. Learning is an up hill battle.


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Sorry to see you have difficulty, but glad you're not giving up, and that you're rising to the challenge of reworking it to get the results you want.

All of us who develop skills have had similar stories, frustrations and moments of misery when we see a lot of good work ruined.

Even those of us who've been building things for a very long time have the occasional very bad day. Hang in there.

Remember the old saying that it's not the things that go wrong that matter, but how you recover from them.

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I always find that paint and assembly can often be unforgiving. For many the model would end up in a box and in the closet. Its much better to fix it and push on. On a current project I managed to polish through the color coat on the body. The recoat on the body went fine but in the process of repainting a bumper , it feel off and into some junk on the floor. Managed to get that piece repainted after sanding out the junk. Its times like this I keep remainding myself I'm having fun and the hobby is supposed to be relaxing.

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I have always worried when spray painting over decals or not...sometimes it all just goes bad on you. Could be worse though....I worked on a conversion of a 2door into a 4door wagon once everything was going good till the second coat of clear...body wrinkled up all the long hours of bodywork gone so i just started over and liked it the second time came out good.

There are a lot of very kind people here willing to help out another at the drop of a hat if they can.

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This one! I had the police decals on the doors and went for the clear coat to seal them in since I was following a tip to use white primer for the white coat and I needed some shine. To my horror the black paint on the quarter lifted up and bellowed out at the back of the door. It wrinkled as it dried and settled down, but end effect is that the paint job was ruined. The other side was perfect! Back in the lake it went! We all have had the experience!

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