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  2. Ford vs Ferrari movie in 2019

    Hopefully the effects and story telling will be as good as Rush. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/james-mangold-direct-ford-ferrari-project-fox-1081866 sorry is this should have went in off topic
  3. What Irked You Today?

    eBay's continuing glitches and general retardation. Friday I asked a seller for an invoice for a multiple purchase. I've done business with the company before, and they're good at timely responses. This time, nothing. So today, I see that eBay had simply DROPPED the two items from my purchase list. I go to try to get the request, and I'm informed that I can't access it because it's more than 30 days old. REALLY? So, after more time spent DOING OTHER PEOPLE'S JOBS, I find a way to re-submit the request. Because I'm careful and usually cover my butt in a world increasingly run by morons, I have copies of BOTH the requests in my email. We'll see...but the more they tinker with making it "better", the more it becomes a piece of trash. And please spare me the EVIL-bay responses. It's not evil. Just stupid. And in other news, I see Amazon is opening...wait for it...brick-and-mortar stores to push their devices.
  4. Moving the rarer or pricier kits long distance

    I feel your pain. Im about the go thru the exact same scenario. moving 2000 miles form Ky to Arizona. Already started packing the more common unbuilt stuff in boxes. the builts will go in individual tuck boxes and will travel in the U haul. But I will be driving and they will be top stack only
  5. Ok it seems to be working. ADMIN PLZ DELETE
  6. NEW Round2 AMT 2018

    There is absolutely nothing new about Revell Germany reboxing Revell US product...and because of that, if and when that box ends up in the US it's a lot more expensive.
  7. Hooper & Co Diorama

    Second day of the RREC show and lots of visitors all day to the Hooper & Co diorama table. Sold one Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud 1 scale model motor car to the owner of the real 1:1 car. Tomorrow, Sunday 24th June the owner has kindly offered to let me drive his Silver Cloud, most probably on grass, around the grounds of Burghley House. I am of course extremely overwhelmed by this opportunity, to drive the best motor car ever produced in the world. David ( thanks Pat from Ontario )
  8. Moving the rarer or pricier kits long distance

    It is a 2000 mile move from the Chicago area to Southwest Washington state about 20 miles from Portland Oregon. We have already made a couple of trips out where some stuff came with like my best builds. But I have over 700 unbuilt kits in 38 boxes. Insurance is not an issue, we will have coverage.
  9. '66 Fairlane GT

    Thanks, Lee! I use an airbrush and a light spray of Tamiya Transparent Orange.
  10. Check your Hobby Lobby!

    Only discounts I could see here were on the airbrushes(and they weren't much).
  11. Moving the rarer or pricier kits long distance

    I have to agree with Steve on this one. Several years ago we moved from Texas back to Illinois. We packed everything ourselves. All the movers had to do was put stuff in the truck and drive it here. We had everything marked, which turned out to be one of our mistakes. When we unpacked we found 2 boxes of delicate antiques that had obviously been bounced like a basketball. The box was carefully marked, "FRAGILE - BREAKABLES". The other problem was that the box marked, "COIN & STAMP COLLECTIONS" somehow got lost in transit. My new rule - I move delicates and fragile items myself. Period.
  12. Very nice.... and nice engine and interior..!
  13. Meng 1/24 h1 hummer

    Nice color choice....! You did a nice job on it..! ...you would think it would be a better fit kit...!
  14. '66 Fairlane GT

    Very nice. I really like the exhaust toning. How did you do it?
  15. AMT '65 GTO

    Here's the rear end of the cheap Welly diecast. They got hella closer to the real shape than AMT/ERTL did, wouldn't you say? Too bad it's very slightly undersized--I think it might be 1/26. The front end/headlights are way better than the AMT reissues, too. Only thing wrong with this thing is they stuffed up the shape of the roof, much the same way Polar Lights did with the '64 GTO. I wonder if that can be fixed?
  16. Check your Hobby Lobby!

    It is a European spec 68.
  17. '55 Nomad - KingDigit Design Replica

    Very nice Rendition
  18. '66 Fairlane GT

    Thanks, Brian! Thanks, Jim! Thanks, Bob! Thanks, Keith! Thanks, Dave! Thanks, Johnny!
  19. Hey there everyone this is my first time posting on here so the pictures might be a little bad looking sorry. Today I picked up a 1975 mpc Datsun pickup I’m going for the street rod look. I got the wheels and tires finished as well as the bed. More to come later.- Snaker
  20. Today
  21. Moving the rarer or pricier kits long distance

    My biggest issue is that I do not trust someone else to move my prized possessions. We have all seen how packages can arrive in the mail or what kind of condition your luggage can be returned in when you just take a simple plane trip. Many times these guys are not particularly interested in keeping your possessions absolutely safe. They just want to get the job done so that they can make it to happy hour on time. Plus, as Bill stated, if you're worried about your priceless "plastic" models sitting somewhere in the 100 degree heat for 2 weeks as I would, you might want to take that possibility into consideration. I would advise that if at all possible, I would move them myself. Steve
  22. 65/66 GT350 oil pan parts

    Looking for a set of 65/66 gt350 oil pan parts. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  23. https://www.amazon.com/SUPER-DEAL-Light-Magnifying-Magnifier/dp/B07BF8Q2ZG/ref=pd_ybh_a_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=R5SQ713TM90361SNG8NT
  24. AMT 1965 Lincoln Continental

    One of the best versions of this kit I habe seen.
  25. Couple of Victorias.

    Very sharp
  26. Mustang wheels

    I have never seen these made in plastic or resin.
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