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  1. Past hour
  2. These photos were taken when it was almost done. Well, lets see some DONE photos!
  3. Its Rusty.....................
  4. New wheel from Platz

    Yeah, I think you are right...
  5. new for 2018

    Nice to see the 80's Pro Stock (and even Pro Street livery in some instances) kits coming back . The 1994 Impala ... I'll have to get one to bash with the 1991 9C1 so that I can get the more-desirable round rear wheel well arches . I hope that the '69 Boss is satisfactory .
  6. Jaguar XJ-S H.E. TWR - Hasegawa

    Car competed in the '85 ETCC, clearly a white stripe.
  7. Why Can't I Post?

    At first I thought it might have been rejecting the word "swastika" in my post (even though it was in the OP), so tried it substituting [tail] instead. Still wouldn't take the whole post. So I pasted in one sentence at a time, and that seemed to work. All but the last sentence of my second paragraph. It never would accept that. I have no idea why.
  8. Randy Ayers Nascar board

    Randy's was/is a place that had info like no other. We had a number of past and present people that worked in NASCAR from year one. First hand personal info is hard to replace.
  9. New wheel from Platz

    I'm pretty sure that is the Pegasus product. The way I understand it, the BMW M6 kit is made by nunu and Platz is the distributor---Platz Hobby is a retailer, not a manufacturer. http://www.platz-hobby.com
  10. 41 Willys with upgrades

    Killer! Mean and classy! Beautiful work
  11. '33 Ford Sedan Delivery...Traditional hot rod

    Cliff my friend, amazing work as always. They both absolutely rock.
  12. Lil' Red Corvettes

    Love 'em, the C2 Vettes have always been my personal favorite. Man, they're so sexy looking.
  13. Does anybody know of someone who makes reproduction decals for the MPC Spirit of 76 Wedge Dragster? I have an old kit and the decals are no good. Thanks.
  14. New wheel from Platz

    So ,, re-boxed Pegasus Sovereign.
  15. Why no Corvette C7 Z06 or Grand Sport model kit?

    I would like to have those 2 models of the C7. They did that for the C6 with the Z06 & ZR-1
  16. Corvair rampside

    Ever have a morning where you wake up feeling like you're in another dimension? No, Tamiya isn't doing a Rampside, it's completely outside of their universe subject-matter-wise. If they did, MSRP would not be that much less than this fine resin kit by Best Model Car Parts.
  17. simple 55 bel air

    I , too , love the '56 : the cleanliness of the '55 , with hints of the pending , ostentatious '57 . The Revell kit is a Del Rae pillar coupe , if I remember correctly ... Nice work on that '55 , Steve !
  18. Has anyone seen this? Japanese manufacturer Platz (the same manufacturer of the BMW M6 GT3) will launch a wheel model. Does they want to venture into aftermarket? If so, I say they started well. Good choice. 1/24 Sovereing chrome wheel Although it is the same model already available from Pegasus, it is still a good indication of new options coming up.
  19. 68 RoadRunner AMT Kit

    LOL, same here.
  20. Mid '70s Hino HE 345 tractor and container trailer

    Hello, Evan, Although I'd never seen the real trucks from Japan in that era, I found the following info translated from a Japanese site and just assume that it was accurate. This is where I got my timeline info for the change to set-back axle. Perhaps the change just became a complete change at that time while the non-set-back was available up until then as well. I have no first-hand knowledge about that era of Japanese trucks: Hino HE 345 information In 1971 Hino introduced a totally new version of its heavy tractor HE, produced since the beginning of sixties. Projected both for internal market and for the great exportation, it was equipped with the same cab shown in 1970 for the vehicles of the medium range KB. Because of the larger dimensions of the engine, the cab was mounted on a higher position, with a very particular look produced by the short frontal overhang and by the larger width at the mudguards height (2490 mm) compared to the cab width (2140 mm at windscreen height). The HE series was available only as tractor: in Japan and other Asiatic countries was available with Hino engines from 235 to 415 hp (a real record for that time). It was produced in two basic versions: HE 445 (with 270 hp EF100 V8 aspirated engine) and HE 435 (with 235 hp ED100 six cylinders in line engine). For models with right hand drive the code names were HE 345E and HE 335E. The HE remained in production up to 1982: in 1980 it was renewed with a longer front overhang now at 1270 mm and a cab completely renewed inside. The renewed HE was available also with 260 hp EK 100 engine. From 1971 to 1982, the HE was produced, in the various versions, in almost 12.000 units, of which near 4.000 sold in Japan. It was also sold in different countries of Central and South America, in Mediterranean Africa (particularly in Algeria with almost 5.000 units), in all the Eastern Asia and in many European countries such as France, Portugal, Greece and Ireland. This last was its best European market with 1833 units sold.
  21. Autoquiz 357 - FINISHED

    The correct answers were sent in by Junkman ChrisR otherunicorn dw1603 matthijsgrit Well done
  22. Randy Ayers Nascar board

    Thomas, I respectfully disagree. If you are able to access this board then you should be able to access anything on the web. There are many people on this board and other boards who have huge knowledge about Nascar and can answer any question you need answered. I'm sure 90 percent of the members of Randy's don't just stay at Randy's. A new board that I was invited to , "Short Track Models" is full of very knowledgeable people about Nascar. So there's another one you should try. Don't let the name fool you, they cover more than just short track models.
  23. Stretched Revell kw k100 updated nov 23 2017

    looking stellar keep the pictures coming
  24. Today
  25. Wrangler Porsche 934 .

    Very well done indeed.
  26. Sacrilege or really cool? Hmmmmm...

    isn't this what hot rodding is all about? Doesn't matter the canvas. Now would I own one? No, but I can appreciate the idea and work someone did to it.
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