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  2. AMT Modified Stockers

    I think Ertl tackled the two most likely candidates (GTO and Torino). The Torino wasn't altered anywhere near as much as the others; it didn't even have the windshield wiper detail removed from the body. The '64 Galaxie isn't really worth re-converting, except as maybe a circa '64 NASCAR. The Craftsman/snap kit would be the way to go here. Likewise the '66 Impala; just get the Revell equivalent. The Chevelle and Falcon are too far gone to try and convert back. Both were issued as funny car kits prior to the MS issues. The Falcon wasn't an altered wheelbase car, but the rear wheel openings were reworked for the funny car issue. That leaves the Olds, Buick, and '65 Fairlane. I'd say if you want 100% stock, look for early issue kits. There are two pre-MS issues of the Fairlane and Olds, three of the Skylark. The MS bodies could, with enough work, be brought to a point where they could be used to build custom versions using leftovers from an annual kit.
  3. AMT Modified Stockers

    I was going to ask which bodies in this series of kits need to most work to take back to stock, which are entirely too far gone to even attempt such a thing, and which might be worth the effort even though more work would be involved.
  4. Need some tires

    Are you looking for the correct 15"x6" steel wheels for an A12 car in 1/24 scale, or just anything kind/sorta close? The three nub steelies from the reissued Lindberg AMT Color Me Gone kit are pretty darn close, and you can use the dog dish caps on another model since the A12 cars didn't use them:
  5. my models

    What colors/brand/type did you use for the 365 spyder and f12?
  6. building a fully detailed Pagani Huyara

    Beautiful work. Pagani's have been one of my favorite cars since the zonda.
  7. 1973-74 ? Pontiac Grand Am in resin ?

    Hey DoctorLarry. Not to be too pushy, but what would be the price and availability for the three kits in the first picture? 73 GTO, 76 Grand Prix, 77 Can Am and payment methods? Thanks.
  8. building a fully detailed Pagani Huyara

    I just got done with the front suspension unit, til it get attached to the interior tub, then a little bit more wiring. I wont wire up the fans, because it WONT be seen from any angle when finished......the wires are black anyway. Next will be wiring up the rear suspension and powerplant!
  9. 1/32 Aurora

    I'm aware. The kits and box art do seem appropriate for the time period, and there was plenty of overlap between the counter-culture and hot-rodder back then, too, so it makes sense. I'm just not convinced bringing any of the kits from this series would be a wise move. I do like the Old Ironsides and Chevy Custom pickup kits' box art, though: Nope, no references to anything with this one...:
  10. I'm currently rebuilding this Camaro I got at an estate sale. It was modified to be a drag car but it was in pieces and painted gold and black. Here it is so far. My next project that I've already started is a 1958 Chevy Impala Coupe but I'm missing the windows, red tail lights and head light lenses. Is there a place I could go to get them? And any advice on painting the silver trim would be appreciated. And if I've broken a rule. Let me know as I'm a new member.
  11. 1/32 Aurora

    He's dropping her off at work. See the blacked-out rear windows of the Meat Wagon? Posing as a nurse, she'll spend her work shift secretly harvesting limbs and organs to stash in the back of the Meat Wagon. They need those things for their secret medical experiments - creating an army of neatly-groomed zombies in letter-sweaters who will kill every living thing on earth with sheer boredom. I remember those three (?) Aurora 1/32 kits in Monogram boxes. The awesomely talented, and sadly late modeler Duane J. Pfister built a great 1/32 "Used Car Lot" diorama with them. I know his dio used the Pontiac GTO and maybe the Mustang. It was in an issue of "Scale Modeler" magazine. He converted military figures into a used-car salesman wearing a Hawaiian shirt and his sucker. The cars were rusty and dented with ridiculously high price tags. Just like the real "Buy Here-Pay Here" car lots in Southern Calif. catering to young military personnel. I thought I had that SM magazine but can't find it. Starting with nothing but a set of wheels and sheet plastic from "Yard Sale" signs, Pfister scratch-built a 1/25 scale M25 Dragon Wagon tank recovery vehicle. And its trailer. Now THAT's scale modeling!
  12. HO dio. ((Rough neighborhood ))

    Great dio. Is that Det. Andy Sipowicz in the background saying "you got the right idea buddy...JUMP!"
  13. 1/20 Tamiya Lotus Type 79 Martini

  14. Hooper & Co Diorama

    My only suggestion is to box up the entire lot and mail it to my address without delay. You can mail it to my attention: Eric Macleod.... Seriously, this is pretty amazing. I like everything you have done. If I had just one model of this caliber I would be happy. You have an entire diorama! E-
  15. 1959 Impala Convertible parts needed

    Not sure which kits these are from, but possibly the 1/25 Monogram/Revell '59 Cadillac Seville? If they are what you need, PM me your address, please:
  16. 1/32 Aurora

    Casey, you have to remember it was the mid 60's(?) when these came out. And if you think "Meat Wagon" was bad, back in the van days, I remember a van called the "Necromancer". Could you imagine a guy coming to your house to pick up your daughter for a first date with her new boyfriend and seeing that in your driveway?
  17. Probably a stupid question, but do you ship to the US? I am dying for those Mopar air cleaner and valve cover decal sheets! And method of payment? Thanks.
  18. Is the oblong shape of your holes consistent? If so maybe you could compensate for it when you make your file.
  19. Color is on all exterior parts now. Just waiting a few days for the paint to totally cure out before I start sanding some of the dust particles out and movin' on to the flames and the clearing process.
  20. Hot Rods to Hell

    Same here!
  21. 57 Chevy Nomad - revell

    Thanks for the nice words. Funny now that I review my pics I start to find some little nagging issues I didn't catch in person. Need to thin the walls of the hood scoop to start and that seam in the passenger floor looks pretty substantial. For the latter I think I'll fix that with some floor mats I didn't want to sand down the seam and remove the carpet texture but that is how the seam lines up on the top when the bottom side is lined up. Should have made the top line up and sand the underside but to the naked eye it's barely noticeable.
  22. Today
  23. Easy gap lines

    Not sure who else has used these pens but boy do they work great. I highly recommed giving them a try. The ink doesnt lift the paint and flows right where is needs to go
  24. 49 merc Kustom

    Thankyou!!! Yep just like riding a bicycle! Next on the bench is an AMT 1960 ford Starliner which i plan to do a mild kustom with some sort of 60s Watson paint job.
  25. Hello friends In this third part we continue with the assembly of pieces. I thought about leaving the figures to make them at the end. In this part you finish cutting and assembling the pieces that are going to be painted together. Greetings and I hope you like it
  26. Thanks, Russell! I enjoyed that. I don't recall the movie, but I certainly know Ouray, Red Mountain Pass, and the entire SW quadrant of Colorado. Also a frequent flyer.
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