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  2. Thanks guys for your comments. Yes it's one of the worst kits out. I've even bought a re-introduced one and it's just as bad! it is though one of my most favourite 1:1 cars.
  3. Any interest in these?

    Message sent
  4. How Many Do You Work On At Once?

    Two at present. I'm still trying to finish a Pocher 1930's Mercedes Benz Cabrio that my wife bought for me in 1988! Other than that a Revell CR6 race car.
  5. What did you see on the road today?

    The 2019 Aston Martin Vantage. The factory is not far from here so we see Astons on a regular basis before their release.........
  6. US ARMY M911 C-HET & M747 trailer

    I just paid $100 Australian the other day for one from China. Hopefully mine arrives better than yours did. Ben
  7. Today
  8. BMW Mini Liberty Walk and Mini Cooper MK1

    Hello, today there is a taste of the result fes MK1.
  9. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Got this new one to add to the herd
  10. After seeing this, I decided to get the HobbyBoss version. I was not happy when it got here!! The sorry POS in China literally wrapped the kit box with cardboard to ship it.......from China! There was not a speck of padding between the kit and the outer box! I told the seller I wanted a new kit sent properly with a postage paid label to send this kit back! He offered a refund of $30.00 so I took it. Nothing was broken in the kit, just bent, mainly the trailer gooseneck. Nothing I can’t fix. What I am still not happy with is the box! I like to have decent kit boxes! I can barely even open and close this one! So I ended up paying a total of $50.00.
  11. Celebrity Crushes?

    You win, I was trying to bluff with a pair of queens.
  12. Any interest in these?

    I'm interested in the tires. What would you like for them?
  13. I decided to dig this project out of the box again and also biuld a trailer and square body mud truck. I ended up using the other tires that I had for this on a different project but found a set of Playmobil toy tires. The mud truck is an old built model that Im redoing. I am using the lifted suspension from the big game country truck, some mega blocks tires and a 454.
  14. Identify this resin piece

    That is a KW W900L hood that was originally mastered by Bill Drennen. It is designed to be used with the AMT Kenworth T600 kit only. Now there is a resin, more accurate KW cab that fits it though. It was sold by Clint Freeman and then by P&P Resin. Bobby Griffin cast a few as well. It is now available from Jamie at Moluminum.com. This is actually Bill’s second master of this hood as the first release had no inner bracing. The one you have appears to have been cast by either Bobby Griffin or P&P Resin.
  15. Any interest in these?

  16. Celebrity Crushes?

    And let us not forget,...
  17. OK, fellas, yet another cool tool for my tool needs. The very moment I became aware of this little drill (the companion to my Ridgid 12V impact driver), I just knew that I had to have it, so this month I finally went ahead and ordered it. Drill, two batteries, charger and nice carry bag, for just $80 and change, so a pretty darn good deal (especially given that the batteries alone are $40 apiece), and will come in very handy for some projects I’ll be working on here over the next few months. I'm a very happy guy right now.
  18. Revell 22jr roadster,dragster

    The dragster body is all paint in ford ruby red and clear coat but the there is tow other body parts that I messed up on.
  19. Wicked looking guitar, Dan. I like it.
  20. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    No pics, but picked up some painting supplies from the paint shop across town and took the black NeuBug over to show him how the refinish on roof panel worked out as well as the second NeuBug was progressing (and admitting that I have since bought a third that arrived today) and the C7 Vette that I'm planning on using the Effex Glitter Clear from Duplicolor over their Sealer Primer on. Also picked up a third Tamiya paint stand set after not being able to get the Presto dehydrator I wanted to get.
  21. 1967 Toyota 2000 GT

    Wonderful paint! As mentioned above, that color is gorgeous! Nice work!!
  22. 1967 Toyota 2000 GT

    A lovely model of the best car ever to come out of Japan (IMO). Beautiful.
  23. Peterbilt 281 Needle-nose "Duel"

    @Bugatti Fan Thank you for the info on the article. I will look it up here soon! @gotnitro? Thank you for the kind words! You definitely need to watch the movie soon! @leafsprings I appreciate the link to that website, it was a good read. And also thank you for the information regarding the truck itself. I hope the scale version turns out well. @DRIPTROIT 71 Very cool background information on the truck. I'll check out your Flickr soon to see some more photos. The one you shared is great. I decided to begin work on the tanker itself. I had never had any experience with a Lindberg kit before. It is interesting to say the least. Here is what I have so far. The suspension is really simple, I'll need to add something to it to make it look more realistic. I'm not up to making my own leafs yet, but I would like to someday. The tanker itself has a lot of mold lines and sinks in it. I used a lot of putty. This is just the front half of the tanker, I will have to section out a hearty portion and lower the suspension some for it to sit correctly. Small steps, one at a time.
  24. 289 FIA Cobra (64 Targ Florio) MFH

    Time to start the leaf springs
  25. 289 FIA Cobra (64 Targ Florio) MFH

    Just a update photo. The cap has been drilled out. The hose clamps and shocks have been added. The bracket and some of the alternator parts have been added. Everything is made out of metal. I may have to reinforce the shelf when done.
  26. 2017 Weather Tech Ferrari 488 GTE

    Weathered race cars look great. I found that the Tamiya kits work vey well.
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