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  2. Old style window net

    Go to a fabric store and look at wide ribbons. Some of those my work. Another possibility is actual nylon window screen material. The problem with that is getting it to be flexible in a window down usage. I've never tried it but maybe you could sand it to make it more flimsy.
  3. Topless 300C and Wagon 300C

    Not what I expected. I like it.
  4. Has anyone built these?

    The Firebird III is defintiely one of my favourite concept. It's pretty much the distilled essence of that whole idea of the "dream car" and even 60 years later, it still screams "the FUTURE!". Defintiely one I'd like to see in kit form. This has been covered elsewhere, but Revell originally wanted to do more concept cars, but GM wanted them to do production cars. Imagine if the folks at Revell had gotten their way, we could possibly have seen a Firebird III from them.
  5. TROG true Gentleman's car

    I appreciate all the words of encouragement. I will be doing some work on it tonight and have some photos up tomorrow.
  6. Freightliner COE Questions

    From what I've seen looking at Truck Paper, Freightliner has shifted most of it's production to Mexico. W-Star production is based in Portland, Oregon and Cleveland, North Carolina. There doesn't seem to be any interaction between the 2 brands from a production standpoint. I would imagine management and engineering may very well be a different story.
  7. Tamiya Ferrari F189

    Awesome build. I’ve been wanting to try a Tamiya 1/20 kit. Looks like a lot of fun to build! Did you use sand paper to detail those disc brakes?
  8. Yesterday
  9. mc magazine issue number

    Model Empire no longer carries the mag. Why?
  10. The Turbine

    I've a couple of glue bombs that hopefully will yield me a nice model of the Howmet car. Does anyone know what model mag had the article for detailing the kit? The Can Am version does not look at all like the box art. Artwork has a wind screen and kit has no windscreen and the shapes just in front of the cockpit are "off" a bit. Also artwork shows four headlamps whereas the kit has two. The Can Am kit will yield parts to restore the coupe however.
  11. Stupid Is the New Smart

    No, no, I was thinking of a certain personality on this side of the pond. He introduced me to the poem on his radio program.
  12. The decals were a challenge, I had several logos but only for modern trucks. I found an old Grumman brochure that show an appropriate era truck with the proper logo. The ad wasn't detailed enough to use, but a search of Ebay came up with a suitable option. I took a macro lens on a 46 mp dslr and got a great file. I found a raster function in Photoshop that smoothed the edges and was able to print large enough to do the trick.
  13. I’m getting ready to buy my first airbrush (iwata hp-cs) and am curious what everyone uses to airbrush interiors and engine, frame, etc. I’m probably going to try gravity colors first for the body. Locally I can buy Tamiya and model air paints. Suggestions on gloss and semigloss black, steel, aluminum, etc?
  14. New kid on the block ?

    Back in the days when this Olds 442 body style was the pick of most NASCAR teams, it was THE aero car of the day. It replaced the Chevelle Laguna S3 that expired after 3 years of eligibility. The Olds looks better to my eyes and made a great NASCAR racer. The Daytona winning car of 1980 was always one of my favorite NASCAR cars, they called it "the Grey Ghost" because of the silver paint and the fact that is was fast. Buddy Baker was always a great racer and a nice gentleman. His father was Buck Baker, another NASCAR legend. Sadly Buddy passed away a short time ago from lung cancer. I am looking forward to this kit and building a tribute to Buddy and to Oldsmobile, both gone too soon. Hoping for real success with the model company and their plans for forgotten subjects that some of us always wanted to build. I have to say, I have no interest in present NASCAR or the b4$t4rd cars they drive around today. I do like the stock looking historical cars and the real men that drove them!
  15. Calling this one done. See build thread for details: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/forum/35-on-the-workbench-pickups-vans-suvs-light-commercial/
  16. Another track closing

    Maybe Summernationals will move to Joliet. That would be cool for us in the midwest.
  17. 1924 Delage GP - a what ?

    and yes - balsa wood can ignite - "so don't try this at home" 1.0 mil tube soldered w tix solder onto bonnet edge and then hand filed for the hinge Pico's casting uses - I think - burillium (?) which seem to be less prone to deform while soldering - higher melting temp? don't think you can do this on the Finecast white metal - has anyone been able to ?? always wanted to try this - Wingrove has made his bonnet hinges from brass for decades .... still not real time - but I'm catching up ....
  18. Corvair rampside

    Not my work. Michael, the proprietor of Best Model Car Parts, created the master and cast this kit. I believe he started with an IMC Dodge A-100 pickup. And a pile of Evergreen.
  19. new for 2018

    And now back to wherever the original thread was going......
  20. Nice hauler

    Anyone looking for ideas?
  21. new for 2018

    I liked it better in white with the whitewalls. Picture car company took off my factory bumper guards and lost them. Front ones were hard to find. Cleaning up the body for paint was a real pain. This was originally a Villager, with the vinyl fake wood. Not easy to remove.
  22. My First Upload

    That's a great first post. I've got this one in the stash looking forward to starting it later in the year
  23. 1924 Delage GP - a what ?

    changes to bonnet for the '24 "hybrid" restored car - soldered over the rear inward louvers and filed and sanded everything smooth now starting to file channels on either end of the bonnet to retain the bonnet straps again - used tape to guide the filing
  24. Moebius Comet... Wild Bubbletop Show Rod

    Wow what a great imagination you have! Love this crazy project, WOW!
  25. Hi everyone, well, it might not look like much but here's 2 pics of the rear body work "tree" support. I could have had this on the car by now if I had just soldered it directly to the chassis but I had my heart set on making it removable for the sake of final assembly and an added "cool" factor. Have to add some horizontal brace bars to it and solder it the tabs to the chassis. Getting the exact location of the tree to do a flip type body on it was a bit tedious and you'll see a weird looking aluminum block of metal I machined to square everything up properly. I should know in a day or so how it turned out and then I'll get to the front bracing and firewall. cheers, tim
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