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10 Camaro SS

28 September 2014 - 05:40 PM

I have not posted in awhile so thought I might post pics of my newest build within the last month or so.


This is Revell's SE 2010 Camaro SS,  I decided on changing the kit wheels with Pegasus custom wheel/tire combo.


I already know about how the wheels look to you guys but I like the custom tire out of the fender looks.

IMO I just like the aggressive looks.


I know that most of you won't like the looks but I'm happy with it and to me it looks good.  I did realize that after I put these wheels/

tires on that it makes it sit high and I should have test fitted the suspension to lower it when I was testing with the wheels but

I never really paid that much attention to it.  But now that I notice it I should have done that but I already had all of the suspension

in place on the chassis.


I had problems with the side windows on this kit so I just decided to leave them off as a (all windows down look).

I did use the ground effects package as it gives it a more aggressive look IMO and I like the way it looks with that package

on it.  I also went with the hockey stick decal option that Revell gives you.


I also wanted a white Camaro with the black hockey stripes so I just polished the white body that the kit is molded in and after

I applied the decals I shot the body and hood with Testor's Clear Gloss.


I also detailed the chassis with paint and boy this was a challenge as this took me about 3 days in all to get this done.

Well enough of what I did to this build, so now it's time for the pics. 


I hope you like it as much as I did building it.  Thanks for looking and comments... :rolleyes: