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  2. Different to the Meng Kids 'Egg Plane' snap kit series, these heli/plane kits from Hasegawa are conventional glue, paint and decal..............
  3. GeeBee

    1958 Edsel Pacer

    Oh that is a super nice build, I must get around to starting mine....
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  5. ATHU

    1958 Edsel Pacer

    Hi guys! Here's my AMT 1958 Edsel Pacer. Color combo is Snow White/Ice Green. Thanks for looking!
  6. This is the same corner where Carpenter's was until this "thing" got built in 1938. I recognized the street lights.
  7. I was a regular at the Thurrock too in my Mopar, as I used to live in Hertfordshire, they were great times. Regarding the AMT ‘57 Ford kits, at first glance it seems the easy option , however they are hard tops not sedans so the side spear dips in the centre of the door rather than on the rear quarter as seen on the Revell wagon. I’m no rivet counter but it just wasn’t good enough even by my low standards ! Also the hard top body lacks door posts at the B pillar though that would be an easy fix. Lastly I had both Revell kits in the stash...
  8. Here are some further progress photos on the commission M23 build. Gearbox, engine and chassis all together now, with some detailing started. Further detailing to be done, and general tidying up, still WIP but getting there. Chris www.wardsmodelbuilder.com wardsmodelbuilder@outlook.com
  9. Man alive ! So many visible flaws that aren't recognisable on the actual finished kit ! It looks much , much better in person... Looks quite atrocious here .
  10. Very tidy build! Colors look great together!
  11. I have only looked on ebay when i need decals and i have never ran acrossed them there...
  12. Built this about 10 years ago and cannot remember the colors. i really enjoyed the build the bed cover and spoiler came from a wave runner s-10..
  13. Looks stunning in black!
  14. Got a book, for a project in the cue. Was looking at eBay, saw this Flintstone Advanced Design COE cab, *had to* get it for some weird reason. There was a Hot Wheels logo with it, want to trade for something.
  15. First Tamiya, and you wrecked it. 😱 Seriously, nice job! Welcome to the forum. 👍
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