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Today, 11:18 AM

Well, I figured out that using two 409's to make the V-12 isn't the best option.  The 409 has a 70 degree block angle that makes it look flatter.  I have decided to use two Ford Y-block engines (which I fortunately have) as the base for the engine.  The Y-block's shape is also closer to that of the GMC engine, as the crankshaft for both are up further into the engine block.  I've ordered the 409 valve covers though, and will have to fab the heads, modify the block, and fabricate an oil pan from the original blocks.

In Topic: Mad Max Fury Road CBP

Today, 04:16 AM

Well I've got my Deuce for Elvis. I already had one of the 409's needed to fab the V-12 so I still have to get one - hopefully from the same kit.


Movie car image found here: http://vehicleshowca...admaxmovie.com/



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Today, 03:36 AM

Wow, hard to tell there's a Holden under there!  That will be a challenging build. Dying to see it start.

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Yesterday, 02:40 PM



I have started!  So which car am I building?

The Buick?!!

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20 May 2015 - 11:04 AM