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In Topic: Moebius `65 Plymouth Satellite

Today, 03:50 AM

Here's the story ...... Dave couldn't make the trip so Moebius wasn't officially there but I've been quietly working with Dave Metzner on a few things since last fall.   One of those projects turned into a build up / review story for Bill Coulter and a future issue of MCM on the 65 Satellite kit.  Since I managed to finish it a few days before the NNL East, I contact Dave and he said I could display it.  


My plan was to place it on the Factory Stock table and see if anyone would notice so basically it was hiding in plain sight.  I think it's safe to say it got noticed .....


For the record the build up was done using mostly 3rd round test shot parts so it's the same parts Dave used in his box art build up. That's about 98% of the final product only changes being some pin locations and couple of other insignificant items.  



In Topic: 1/25 Moebius/Model King 1959 Rambler Custom Cross Country Wagon

07 February 2015 - 05:17 AM

Whatever happened to the "IMC" version?


This is the IMC version that will be in new Moebius - Mode King packaging.  It will be molded in the US by the same vendor IMC had partnered with.


It should have all the changes that were done by the IMC team which include new wheel backs, new clear red tree and a new " thinner glass" part if I recall correctly.  


I haven't seen any of the new packaging yet including the decals so I can't comment on them.



In Topic: Just Back From I-hobby Expo ..how About Some Photos

13 January 2015 - 05:20 AM

The new tools were dropped after Walmart stopped selling model kits in most of their stores. At least that's what Ernie told me ....  There was also a new Mustang in that group but that was pulled as soon as they found out Revell was doing a similar kit, 



In Topic: '69 Ford F-100 Short Bed Pickup

20 November 2014 - 05:02 AM

Well done Sean !   I'm looking forward to seeing the final version of this kit.



In Topic: 1/25 Revell Starsky & Hutch Ford Torino

12 November 2014 - 01:10 PM


Kit manufacturers use photo reference together with measurements (usually a carpenters ruler with every odd inch, taped in black IIRC)

So to realy compare, one should do a shadow data gathering, on a similar vehicle, so get out the ruler, rent some profesional photographing material and you're all set, Ha!



Anyway now that were are on the subject of data gathering, I hear that sometime it's very hard to get the owners permission, to make templates from his vehicle, or stick some masking tape, to have a measuring point, or to make a crease show up better, so why not looking for a not pristine vehicle for body contour data gathering, just thinking out loud.


Luc is right, here's a couple of sample photos that were actually used in kit development  ....   there's always measurements included. 


That being said, if I had a test shot of the S&H Torino to review.  I would be measuring the window openings and checking it against the 1:1 measurements.