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Resin Kustom 49 Merc

26 April 2014 - 08:10 AM

I picked up a Jimmy Flintstone 49 carson top Merc a long while ago and with our club topic being customs a few weeks away I decide this is what I'll bring. Anyway I cut out the doors and the trunk and opened the hood...Im  past the point of no return, what was I thinking, the plan is to have everything hinged and workeable! Even going to build a 45 rpm record player for under the dash (and It wont work)...............hummm with an Ipod and some wizardrey.....could have some 50's rock going on in there......Naw....) (had one when I was in high school in the beloved 59 impala).........Sigh.....*wipes a tear*








built the chassis pretty much out of the box, will pick out the details with the brush, using Cad hupcaps in the fronts, and no caps in the rear as the skirts will cover them





hand painted the white walls, and has the Chrysler 440.




using the old AMT 49 Merc kit as my base kit, cut out the front fender wells




filed them to fit the resin body .




using small 1/2 round I'm going with a white tuck and roll to go with the metal flake blue and silver body color