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Wire wheels from Monogram Corvette America

05 February 2015 - 07:48 AM

Needed for a future project. Buy or trade parts. Thanks.



Revell Fox hatch conversion

13 January 2015 - 01:39 PM

As a break from the 1:1 car building, I decided that what I really wanted to do today was to saw up some plastic and resin. The grey, windy, rainy day contributed to the decision, it's kind of like Chicago only without the soul-crushing cold.


I started by cutting the hatch area off of an MPC '87 Mustang GT.




Figuring out where to cut the coupe was interesting, I wanted to save as much of the roof and 1/4 window detail as possible to make less work for myself.




Ain't no turning back now!




The hatch needs to be widened, so I broke out the hatch stretcher.





1977 Ford 4x4 pickup

20 August 2014 - 01:39 PM

Back in our suburb of Boston in the '70s, (that really sets the mood, doesn't it?) my cousin and I used to take the left over parts from our kits and build "junk models" with them. Some were pretty wild, all were horrible, and all were fun to do. I've had this box of glue burned junk Ford truck stuff for who knows how long, and I decided to combine some of it into a truck that I've always wanted, a late '70s Ford short wide 4x4, two tone with the race track trim. With other stuff out of the way, I'll get to work on this from time to time.




Most of this stuff is real junk, so I'm feeling pretty frisky with the razor saw. First order of business is that goofy Camper Special bed. Nobody, to this day, knows why AMT decided to do this bed instead of the conventional long or short bed, the best explanation I've heard is that Ford sent them the wrong blue prints by mistake and AMT never checked. May be baloney, but why else? If you look at '73-'79 Ford beds, you'll see that both the long and short beds have the same rear overhang, which is longer than the CS bed.




Cut here:




and move the wheel well forward by 5mm. But, the other mod that most miss is that not only was the CS wheel well moved back, it was also moved up. So when you move it forward, move it down by 2.5mm.


Approximate placement:



Promotional rescue: The 1957 Ford Custom 300 sedan

18 August 2014 - 03:04 PM

In between big-effort builds, I like to wind down a bit with a nice, low pressure antique promo restoration. Often for friends, (good friends) these roll onto the bench periodically. One friend collects '50s Ford promos that he couldn't get when he was a kid, but can now. These include every color offered of the rare '57 Ford sedan promo. Black is the rarest color, they almost never show up for sale. He finally found one, but it had been customized and was rough. I should have taken a few pics of it assembled, but forgot. It had the glass and interior from a pink '58 Edsel promo, (these sedans didn't have interiors) painted wide whitewalls, painted side trim and gold insert, and at one point had mirrors, spot lights, antennas, and mud flaps glued to it. Must have been a real doll.




He gave me a green sedan promo to demonstrate the proper color scheme. First order of business was to remove the glass from the green car and use it to vacuform a new unit for the black one. I dyed it light green with glass dye from Hobby Lobby.




Trimmed to fit:




That turned out to be the easy part. The problem with the old warp-crazy acetate promos is that the acetate plastic is very fragile and nothing that I tried could strip the paint without ruining the surface of the plastic. And I mean nothing. So all of the silver paint had to be painstakingly scraped and sanded off of the trim, including the heavy brush painted gold, which turned out to cover a heavily painted red color, and then the trim had to be sanded and polished with a polishing kit to bring the shine back, and all had to be done without obliterating any of the details. It took days. I called the owner up to grouch about that, which seemed to make it go smoother.


All of the bodywork to the glued areas had to be done without stripping the original white paint, including sink marks to the trunk from the Edsel windows being glued in. All black plastic areas had to be sanded and polished, Then it had to be masked off twice, first for the gold insert:



GMP news

17 June 2014 - 07:37 AM

Just got this in my inbox this morning...




We'll have to see where it goes.