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  1. Wow Chris. I love MFH kits. You've made a good start there. Looking forward to seeing your progress. I'll be following.
  2. That paintwork looks truly amazing. Is that Innocent Mica from Zero paints?
  3. Sunfire Red looks ace, as does that foilwork. This going to be real special!
  4. So far, so good! I've resisted the temptation to cut the hood open and install Fujimi's BMW straight 6 (yes - I really did think about that), and the temptation to over detail. Just sticking to basics, I've made some good progress. The body was shot straight from a Tamiya TS9 can. This is the first time I have ever used Tamiya sprays and I am very impressed. I've done the entire floor pan the same as the body, but sprayed the final coat from a distance of about 2 feet, to give a slight textured finish. After the paint was left to cure for a few days, I proceeded with 3200 grade, 6000 grade, and 8000 grade Micro polishing cloths. Then, at the final stage I broke through the top coat and tiny flecks of grey primer began to show on the roof. Oh joy! So, another coat of TS-9 went on. This was only a thin coat, and surprisingly this came out super smooth. Maybe the fine sanding prior to the top coat just meant the paint flowed to a great finish. Maybe it was just because we had such an unusually warm day here in the UK. At any rate, I'm not going to bother with the polishing cloths this time, and will just polish with a compound. Fuel tank is masked off and airbrushed in Zero paint's 'Steel'. The area around the engine should really be a gap. This is just one of those shortcomings you have to deal with when it comes to a 'curbide' sometimes. What this really calls for is Vanta-black. If anyone ever introduces this paint to the model world it would be great. If you don't know what Vant-black is, just google it. It's the closest thing in the real world to Wile E Coyote painting a tunnel on the side of a rock. I don't have Vanta-black, so this is Tamiya's flat black laquer. One more round of masking and the sump is airbrushed in the same 'Steel' as the fuel tank.
  5. Well done Alex. This looks superb - as I have now come to expect from you!
  6. As BA said to Hannibal "He's on the JAZZ again!" Wow - this is a wild one Martin. The older I get the tamer, my projects become, but it seems yours just get wilder. Good luck with this one. I'll enjoy watching this plan come together.
  7. Hi Martin! Yes - I think a darker primer would work well. The Zero paints primer is a very light grey. Starting again will give me the chance to maybe use a different colour altogether. Now I only have the white and red decal options left, so gold may not work. I'm thinking of saving the gold on my '65 Galaxie project now. Thanks! Nice idea with the masking tape. I'm going to remember that one for the future.
  8. Applying the kit supplied decals has done nothing to cure my decal-fobia! From this angles it looks ok, but... from the side the stripe is wonky. The stripe on a '68 Dart should be vertical, but the kit decal is angled. I tried both ways. Has anyone else had this issue? I stared at it for a couple of days, wondering if I can live with it, then decided - no! I soaked the shell in water over-night, fully expecting the decal to lift off, but that did not work. I thought I might be able to gently sand off the decal, but went through to the primer. What is the best way of removing decals? There's nothing for it. I've got to repaint the body. I don't want to add more coats and built up the paint film thickness, so as of this morning, the bodyshell is sitting in a tub of Castrol brake fluid!
  9. That moulded in exhaust, engine and trans didn't look great at first, but after your detail painting, you wouldn't know it was moulded as one piece! Underside looks perfect now.
  10. That looks like a really nice kit. You've done a superb job, and the black paint finish looks ace!
  11. Very nice clean build. Love that orange.
  12. Finally... an update on this one. So much has happened since I last posted back in January. After priming, the front bumper brackets snapped off the chassis. Then I realised I was missing the strip that fits between the rear bumper and the trunk lid. This part is supposed to be body colour, so I needed it before I could progress. Then I found I was missing the hood latch panel that fits behind the front grill. I've had this kit in my stash for over 10 years. It must have been one of my many ebay 'used' bargains! So, feeling a bit cheesed off, I put this back in the box, till recently. I've fabricated the missing parts, and replaced the front bumper brackets with in-scale brass strips. Finally got round to painting it this at the weekend. The colour is Honey Gold from Zero paints. This is my first use of Zero, and the first time I ever tried airbrushing a full body. So far, so good. Overall I'm pleased, but I think the colour came out a bit too gold (if that makes sense). This is not a perfect match for the Mopar gold, so I will probably build this as a resto-mod, GTS modified with a 440. My next challenge will be to add the black stripe decals and then attempt Zeros 2K clear.
  13. Nice work on the engine. Good to see you've added the ignition wires. What search term did you use to find that carpet material on ebay? It looks great!
  14. This is quite a production line. I find it hard enough tackling one or two projects at one time. Looking forward to this line up coming together.
  15. Amazing build. It takes a brave individual to attempt something like this.
  16. Amazing techniques used here for creating the best dented up body I've ever seen in scale. Genius!
  17. I have this Acaday kit in waiting too. I'll be interested in seeing how this goes. Its a pretty basic kit, but I'm sure it'll look good with a careful build. Interestingly for me, the 250LM was the first model car I ever built. A 1:32 scale one from Airfix.
  18. beeRS

    Porsche 918

    NICE! Is that the Revell kit?
  19. Ride height looks perfect. What an epic build thread!
  20. This is looking great so far. Keep it going.
  21. I like it! You never see them included in kits.
  22. Surely will - they look very fragile! Thanks. Baikal is nice, but someone on this forum recently did a beautiful paintjob in BRG, and I can't deny that it influenced me a little. I was tempted by the engine kit and the door panels from USCP, but had to stop myself from getting carried away. Thanks! Made a little slow progress on this one. Body looks good and all my references show the proportions and details to be spot on. Good that's what I like - no corrections to be made. I wish I could say the same about the glass. The side glass stretches about 2-3 scale inches lower than the window openings at the side. The blue arrow shows where the openings are, and the red line shows how much further down the glass goes. You would not think that this could cause a problem, but it means that the interior door panels don't reach up as high as they should. Its not a major issue, but it just seems wrong in my eyes and so I'm going to 'correct' it. I'm using these two strips of plastic sheet to add a little height to the inner door panels. And doing away with the side glass. Here I have marked the outlines of the window openings so that I can cut along a A and C pillars. This leaves me with just the parts I want - the front and rear screens. I will make up the side glass later using clear sheet that is far thinner. For a kit design that includes such good detail in most places, its shocking that Hasegawa just failed to add any detail to the inner door panels. They are just flat, with the faintest hint of engravings. I did think about using the after-market door panels from USCP, but I'm not sure if I'd have to modify the tops of the doors to reach the window openings too. It would be a shame to buy them and then have to modify them. Instead, I'm just going to scratch build some arm rests. They are not exactly a perfect reproduction of how they should be in a Tii, but I just want to add some visual interest to the panels, without getting in too deep. Oh, and this project was meant to be a quickie!!
  23. Beautiful clean build. I love the wheels, stance, and the use of aluminium rivets. These, really help it stand out. Ive never seen a heated rear screen like that before. Is it part of the kit?
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