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  1. Very nice indeed, and the quad carbs really set the engine apart. What colour and brand of paint is that gold? The metallic looks to be perfectly in scale.
  2. Thanks for sharing this one Geoff. Its been a while since I saw something that I REALLY want to put on my must-have list.
  3. Good start. I love that you are correcting the roofline. This is what has put me off this, otherwise very nice, kit. Good luck - will be watching.
  4. How nice to see one of these in something other than red! A lovely build of one of my all time favourite cars.
  5. These older Pocher kits are amazing. Well done on an impressive build. A real masterpiece.
  6. beeRS

    Porsche 911 Turbo

    That Tamiya kit may only be curbside, but it really does look good. You've done a stunning job. And that paint..... sooo deep. I built the Fujimi Enthusiast kit many years ago, but it never looked as good as your Tamiya. The rear arches on the Tamiya are much more accurate.
  7. That is one beaitiful looking Merc!
  8. Great to see one that's not the usual red. Very nice.
  9. An absolutely stunning build. This is the best build of the Tamiya kit I've seen. Great to see a different colour combo too. Well done.
  10. Great work. Both look fantastic! Seems to be a good level of detail on these 1/32 Airfix kits for their size and they do lovely range of subjucts.
  11. I first heard of Juha from his article about the Grand Am in SAE and was totally blown away by the craftsmanship. Is still have that copy of SAE for inspiration. In all his models he manages to capture a quality of the 1:1 car that is difficult to put in words. It's not just the level of detail, but the cars somehow have the 'feel' of weight about them. I think he always gets the glass right - correct thickness and an appropriate level of flush fit that takes away the 'toy like' look of most out-of-the-box models. I missed out on a chance to meet him in London a few years ago due to a delayed flight. What a shame.
  12. Great work so far. CF; I love and hate it in equal measure. I have so many projects that have stalled because of the huge amount of work/time/money that goes in to CF. I'm going to borrow some of the paint alternatives mentioned on this thread to get them going again. Keep up the good work.
  13. Love the way it turned out. Paint looks great.
  14. Nice to see you do some muscel Dann. Putting a 1/24 engine in a 1/25 body is one of my favourite tricks. Gives the look of a monster motor. That Grand Sport engine is a real gem too. Looking foward to seeing your progress on this one.
  15. Insane paint skills. I love it.
  16. beeRS

    Volvo 240 Turbo.

    There are not enough Volvo models. Well done Mika.
  17. beeRS

    Ferrari 288 GTO

    Thats a beautiful GTO. you've done a great job. That kit is both amazing and tricky. I love all Fujimi Enthusiast kits, but this is my favourite. From my research, I think there is at least one yellow one, and one white one. However, Rosso Corsa does look best.
  18. Lovely 308. Thanks for sharing this very interesting story with us.
  19. Well done. Its great to see an iconic Mk1 built as a road car, rather than a rally one. Now all you need is a Mk2 to display next to it!
  20. I love the red. Good choice. Did those carbon fibre decals come with the kit?
  21. Wow. This is way cool! You've done a great job with that trans kit. When I was a kid, I had a Mk1. I always wanted a set of those P-slot alloy wheels, but couldn't afford them. Are those wheels part pf the Revell kit or part of the trans kit?
  22. beeRS

    Ferrari F430

    That is one beautiful Ferrari. The red looks amazing. I'm not sure if its the lighting, but does that red paint have an element of metallic or candy to it?
  23. Thats just plain BEAUTIFUL. Well done.
  24. beeRS

    Ferrari 412P

    Is it possible for a racing Ferrari to look any better than this? This is one stunning model. Great photography too with that scale back drop.
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