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  1. Simply the best 55 I’ve seen built! The photography is outstanding too.
  2. Looks great to me. Is this Magnifier kit the same as the Trumpeter one?
  3. Very nice indeed, and all the better for the wheel choices. Super clean builds and great photography too.
  4. Fantastic work saving this. I like the fix on the rear arch.
  5. Finally - an update for you all. I do all my spray work at my workshop - not at home. Usually I'm working on 1:1 cars, with welding and grinding going on, so its a devil of a job to clear the workbench and make a dust free environment that's for good spray painting. Once the air-brush is out I usually do as much as I can over a few days. A few imperfections on the underside of the panels taken care of. Using these three colours I mixed up a reasonable 'Chevy Orange' for the block and pan. First I used a grey Mr Surfacer 1000 primer. Flattened off, and then white Mr Finishing surface primer 1500. I like this stuff as it goes on quite smooth and is more opaque than other white primers I've used. I used these three colours to mix up a creamy white. Mostly white, with a hint of red and yellow mixed in. I think the colour is called Adobe beige or maybe Imperial white? This is for the interior and the roof. I'm just 'eyeballing' this - no science involved. I think it looks about right. Time for the Sierra gold! As before, I'm just eyeballing. I'm using a mix of Zero's Liquid red, that will eventually be used on my Tamiya Ford GT, and the GT40 Honey Gold that I used on my ill-fated 68 Dodge Dart. Together, I'm hoping this makes a good Sierra Gold. The lighting in my photography and the digital screens do change colour perception a bit. I wish I could show in these pictures what I actually see. The trunk lid got a spec of dust in it so I had to sand that down and spray again the following day. Luckily the pot of paint I mixed was still OK as I would never achieve the exact same mix again. Spraying metallic terrifies me! Unlike a solid colour, you can't just sand out a dust spec without leaving a 'scratched' look to the metallic. I left the Gold finish for a few days and then mixed up my favourite clear - Zero Paint's Diamond 2K. With the body painted Its always a sense of relief. I tell myself that all the hard work is done, and it will be plain sailing from here on. It won't! I'll leave this a couple of weeks before polishing up the clear, and then the worst bit (for me) - Bare Metal Foil. I've not had much luck with that stuff in recent times, so this might be a job I put off for a while. Thanks everyone for watching and your encouraging comments.
  6. That is a beaut!! Looks so right in black. Is that a Model A next to it? I see the grille has horizontal slats, so I'm a bit confused. Also, nice to see McDonald's, KFC and Smalley's Roundup 😋
  7. More coming soon 👍 Yes - I'm glad I found the right tyres for this. Thanks for your comments about the hinges.
  8. Hi all, I'm looking to buy decals for a 1/25 Dukes of Hazard General Lee and 1/25 Fall Guy GMC Sierra Grande. Can anyone point me in the right direction of a supplier that will post to the UK. I'm also wondering if there's a company that will print my own custom made decals for me? I can do artwork on Photoshop, but I don't have a decent printer. Cheers, Sonny
  9. Fantastic work. I love the super detailing and opening panels. Keep the updates coming - I’m enjoying this.
  10. I never knew of this kit. A very nice job. The ride height looks perfect 👍🏼
  11. What you have built here is just amazing! I am surprised that it ‘only’ took 300 hours. There must have been so much work involved with the opening panels. When you compare the Revell to kits like the modern Tamiya 300SL, you can appreciate how hard it is to make as beautiful a job as you did with this. I look forward to seeing your Ulenhaut SLR Coupe (probably the most beautiful car ever made?).
  12. That is simply gorgeous! I have the EM version of this kit waiting to be built and had always envisioned Fly Yellow for it. I can only hope it comes out as good as yours.
  13. Nice job on this old Tamiya kit. At one time this was the only Countach kit available. I built a few as a kid, but they didn’t look as good as yours. I’ve also built the Fujimi and have yet to build the Aoshima one. The Fujimi one has insane detail, but I think the Aoshima has the most accurate proportions.
  14. A good start. Nice work on the air filter. Is the Hobby Design suspension parts an improvement on detail, or is it just to lower the ride height?
  15. Beautiful job. The colour suits the Hudson shape perfectly. I’m jealous of your BMF skills.
  16. This looks great. I’ve seen this built as a rally car before, but never as a a road version. What is flawed about the front end? It looks fine to me.
  17. This is a stunning Ferrari. I am surprised we don’t see more of these Hasagawa Ferraris on here. You have really made a great job of it.
  18. Simply beautiful!
  19. Love those wheels. This is going to be a beauty.
  20. Good work on correcting the engine bay. This is something that also bugged me about the AMT/MPC kits.
  21. That is insane! Simply stunning. I really thought this was pics of a 1:1 car at first.
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