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  1. Thanks, I'm going to have to pick one of these up. Its not often you hear of a Revell that is better than a Tamiya.
  2. Sorry to hear about your friend Todd. I'm sure he would appriciate you building this in his honour.
  3. Looks good so far. Ive not seen one done in silver yet. How did you do the suede look for the steering wheel?
  4. That looks like a lovely kit. Is it a rebox of the Tamiya?
  5. I just read through this entire thread, and now my head hurts! So many great ideas to take in. I love the use of magnets and the 3D printed parts. This is an epic build. Keep up the amazing work. I'll be watching with interest.
  6. This is simply stunning! Great use of colours, with just the right amount of sheen and weathering. I'm guessing those wipers and the Riviera GS script on the side are photo-etched parts? Great photography too. Looks like a 1:1 car in some of those pics.
  7. This is coming along nicely. It looks like a lovely kit to put together.
  8. Great work so far. I love the detail around the shift mechanism. @italianhorses thathats a great tutorial on PE. I'll be taking away some of those tips.
  9. I think you have done a fantastic job on those door jambs. I'm watching eagerly to see how you do the hinges. Thanks for sharing this. Have you reinforced the sills as there can't be much plastic material holding the shape of the body now?
  10. It's time to show a little more progress on this one. The colour is straight out of an acrylic spray can. it's nothing special - just a tin of Rover Java green from Halfords. It approximates to a colour I have seen on a 1:1 Pantera. The paint has had some time to dry now and, as always, I notice the initial 'wet look' gloss has disappeared. I think it will look better after polishing though. Here is where I feel this kit really lets its self down. Just look at the glass! It feels flush to the outside surface (as it should), but its so thick and distorted it looks a little bit silly. No matter how well I do the rest of the model, this will be what will always jumps out at me. My thoughts are to cut the windshield away from the clear panel and then thin it down with a sanding disc, making sure that its a constant thickness throughout. Then I would polish the screen back to clear. Its a lot of work and it will mean gluing the screen in on its edges against the window trim. If anyone can recommend a glue for this method of fitting a screen I'd be grateful. The side glass can be cut from a clear sheet.
  11. I love seeing things that are so different, and this certainly is. Can't wait to see it in paint.
  12. I'm dying to know what engine this is going to have. I thought the 427 TT was cool enough, but what do you have in store for us now? Keep us posted.
  13. I built this kit years ago. Its massive! The chrome in my particular kit was not great either, so I ended building as a custom with some of the chrome body coloured or removed. This was years before Alcad or Mutlow. Keep us posted on your progress on this one.
  14. This has certainly built up into a stunning model.
  15. Nice to see an early narrow body Cobra for a change. Lovely job.
  16. That paint job is stunning. This is going to make a really nice model. Is the Zero 2k a clear coat?
  17. I love this particular Tamiya kit, and you're doing a fine job with it.
  18. A good start. This is a lovely kit, and you have a good plan there. I have this Italery kit on my shelf too (but different box art), and its been calling to me too. I love the idea of opening the doors, but it is a lot of work. I'll be watching with interest.
  19. Lovely work on those seats. They look so much better. I despair when I see seats in kits that look like the one in your 'before' picture.
  20. beeRS

    Yenko Nova

    Very nice job. I especially love the green. Did the Yenco cars have slapper bars fitted as standard? I have the SS Nova in my stash and there are no Slapper bars in that kit, so maybe I'll have to buy the Yenco now.
  21. I didn't know this was discontinued. To be fair, you're not missing much. The window trims in the PE set are not a great fit and I probably won't be using them and the grills could have probably been cut from a universal PE mesh. Thanks!
  22. Fantastic fabrication here. Well done on finishing this very unusual Ferrari.
  23. beeRS

    '51 Chevy Koupe

    Lovely clean build. The Catalina wheels look perfect.
  24. That is a wonderful job. Looking at the finished model its hard to believe it came from such a basic kit. Well done.
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