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  1. When the ‘65 was brought up at the MCCM meeting last night, none of us were sure of origins of the kit. A “Craftsman Plus” ‘65 GTO? And now you guys mention a ‘68 too? What is the origins and history of these two kits? What is a “Craftsman Plus” kit? How is it different from a regular AMT kit, or a traditional AMT “Craftsman” kit? I’m interested in knowing more. And two cars I will more than likely add to my collection when they out.
  2. As of yesterday, I too got my replacement parts for my F-350 Ramptruck. The replacement parts look fine. I’m happy. Now to build it.
  3. I had the same problem. Thanks for the compliment.
  4. Thank you. And no, I did nothing to the finish the body. The plastic straight out of the box is that shiny.
  5. Again looks good. I wish I could see how you did your suspension on this model. The one that comes with the kit is a bit of a bear to get together.
  6. Again, I’m curious to see if Ray ever finished his. I’m slowly working on mine. I’m finding the suspension a bit of a bugger going together. On this feature alone, I would not suggest this as a starter kit for anybody who has not build a model before.
  7. An update on this one. Then I finished this kit, something just didn’t look quite right about the front end of the car. Today, I was looking around my work area and I found out why. The kit came with a chrome piece to go on the top of the front bumper, I had completely forgotten about it. I’ve had this kit for while, and at one point forgot to put the part back in the box with the rest of kit. And not reading the instructions, I completely forgot the part even existed. Not even noticing it was missing. But yet, in the back of my mind something didn’t look right with the finished product. So here it is, with the missed piece in it’s rightful place. I think it helps improve the look of the model.
  8. I'm looking for one these, at a reasonable price. From searches online, that is a tough task.
  9. I’ll stay with my Tamiya paint. Over all it’s good stuff. Rarely have I been disappointed with anything I’ve ever purchased with the Tamiya brand name.
  10. Ray, I saw your thread showing the car partially built. I can not find a thread of it completely build. I assume you you finished it. And it turned out great.
  11. Very nice. In fact, beautiful. I just picked this kit up. I hope it turns out half as nice as yours.
  12. The build above was looking great Ray. I assumed you finished the kit. I have to go hunting on the site to see if I can find it. An intriguing car. I found one at a local hobby store today, and had to buy it.
  13. My first exposure to Humbrol paint. I am not impressed. The two brushs included seem to be of good quality. I haven’t tried the cement. But the paint is just plain junk. The kit itself? Not bad. I like it. It’s as good, and as bad as I’ve found with other Airfix kits. Acceptable.
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