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  1. That should read '352' , not 406 Two years ahead of myself here
  2. Looking for this kit as either a fair builtup, unassembled or even just the body/trim
  3. If you're lucky enough to also have CRS, you're really in trouble
  4. That being the case, some of the details are awfully close ... . ... definitely one rarely seen in it's entirety, so it's always seemed a mystery for contents.
  5. I'd much rather have seen this one repopped than the narrow mpc version. Here's the perspective again from left to right of the mpc, amt and revell bodies.
  6. Would like to find or trade for a complete 406 tripower from the amt starliner kit. thanks!
  7. Virtually identical interior mold lines on the amt '69 and '70 bodies would suggest possible direct lineage through the longnose '69 kit... and then there's the longnose chrome tree supplied in the Mach Won kits, complete with the '69 grill. Would love to hear the back story on the molding process. Somebody out there has a longnose body they can share some pics of
  8. Good to hear it finally got there Thanks for the great trade!
  9. Since chev finally adapted a perimeter frame similar to pontiac's in '65, it seems the revell '65 frame is a very close fit for those who need more detail ... Mr Barron took some good pics... for this thread...
  10. As Mark said, the same stock '70 body is unchanged through all three kits, with only a windshield change for the latter two. The front valance from the '69 is used for the funny cars; you can see the instructions say to file off the marker lights. The drag specific chrome tree from the .'69 long nose car is recycled in the mach won kits as well, complete with the '69 grill. They sure don't sell for $2.25 any more...
  11. It was definitely easier to see the difference in '59/'60, when the pontiac front track was 63.75" and the chev track was 60.3". By '65, however, the track difference between chv and pnt was only 1/2 an inch per side. The easiest way to identify a canadian pontiac is the parallel wipers instead of the clapper style, as the northern cars used the chevy cowl.
  12. X2! The uniqueness comes mainly from the alterations at the mounting points to the chev superstructure, not necessarily the visible skin. The wheel openings are long enough to allow the wheel centers to be moved 1 inch back at the front and forward at the rear to allow for the chev 119" w/base. Regardless, it was engineering money well spent, as it was one of the best selling cars here through the sixties.
  13. Nothing particular in mind yet; open to interesting offers....
  14. Here's an unbuilt 1/32 gunze-sangyo '63 Tbird roadster/hardtop kit for trade. Original wrap is a bit tattered on one side but kit has never been opened.
  15. If you can surmount potential difficulties with the grill width (another issue is slightly asymmetrical headlight stacks), another way to come at this might be to use the roof from the modstock '66 chevy on the GP body as an alternative to quarter surgery. I currently have a topless gp body awaiting a decision to become either a parisienne ragtop or hardtop; powered, of course, by a 409 GM canada did a masterful job of hanging the pontiac sheetmetal on the chev superstructure through the sixties. The two inch w/b difference between chev and pontiac frames was easy to hide in the pontiac wheel openings, one inch back on the front and an inch forward at the rear.
  16. Even without the car, I'd love to see a set of those 17 inch 5 spoke wheels in scale. They look good on almost anything.
  17. Sure be cool to find one of these for bashing a full detail model. The perspectives are a lot closer than amt's. No idea who made it...
  18. True, that Ford marketed them as '65s, but they used the 64 1/2 id for internal documents, part listings etc as they had to differentiate them from the actual '65 model year production cars. Some of the engineering changes during the model year changeover in the summer of '64 were introducing alternators (only five years after Chrysler adopted them) and changing the 289 engine castings to accept six bolt bellhousings, among others. An important change during the '64 model year was the transition from open draft tubes to pcv systems. The 260 was dumped for '65 also, replaced by 3 different versions of the 289. Regarding perspective on this 1/16 body, the roof C-pillar is actually about 3/16" back of where it should be; meeting the rear quarter at about the halfway point between the door rear edge and the back end of the quarter. Moving it forward should restore the proper 40 degree windshield angle. There really is no excuse for such a poor interpretation of this in scale. Scaling up directly from the 1/25 coupe should get a guy in the ballpark. Now, if we could just get a scale set of F70-14s for this, we'd be set
  19. Great recent trades with Casey, Cancon and Tom99... Thank you, gentlemen !
  20. You are absolutely right, sir, it is strange. In this case I think it's called marketing... or a mistake made by same. It's true that the two engine families may have had similar looking water pumps/front dress, and even an oil filter in roughly the same place, but that's where it ended. Here's a pic of the standard '68 - '76 2bbl 360/390 FE truck engine. The 4bbl was an option only in '75-'76. This standard exterior design (almost all had the 352 cast on the front) stands in for almost anything FE in scale, with appropriate changes to the valve covers, manifolds, color and oil filter mounting..
  21. If it shares anything with their GT40 kit, Casey, it appears to be underscale... They sure will, as moebius poached their FE engines and chassis almost directly from the amt 75-79 F350 designs. The 360/390 that amt supplied in their kits, calling it a 460, was pretty elemental and the newer tooling in the fairlanes and starliners is better.
  22. Looking for a long or short styleside bed for 65/66 F100 . Thanks
  23. Most current box art does less than nothing for me... let's see some classic stuff made as puzzles even if it's not strictly amt
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