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  1. Aw, thanks guys!!and gals🤔? I had alot of fun with this build. I have yet to purchase the long box version recently released, but I plan to in the future. When I do build it, I'm picturing 4x4 showroom stock. I also forgot to mention that the molded in taillights were horrible. I cut them out and added taillights from the Ramcharger kit.
  2. Very nice. What blue did you use?
  3. Thanks for the kind words everyone. I'm on the hunt for a second gen, particularly one from Tamiya, but they're kinda pricey right now.
  4. Cool build, do you remember the color that you sprayed the body with?
  5. Thanks for the kind words! Iamsuperdan, pull it back out and finish it up. Another thing that bothers me about the kit is the fact that it's apparently based on a 3/4 ton camper package, hence the rear axle being so far back. Oh well.
  6. This is a beauty. I love the look!
  7. Thanks again guys. Yeah, I should put a battery in it, but I'm afraid I'm resting on my laurels......lol
  8. This is great! I love the weathering that you've done to it.
  9. Thanks guys! This was the newest Firestone reissue.
  10. Let me start of by saying, I wouldn't want to build one of these again anytime soon. I was asked by my uncle to build a replica of a truck he used to own, and I wasn't smart enough to say no.lol Enough complaining, on to the build. I read on here about the low roofline on the windshield that makes the truck look like it's furrowing it's brow at you, and, once I saw it, I couldn't un-see it. I had to correct it. Best of all, the windshield still works after this modification. I added the lower trim to represent a Ranger Lariat model. Paint is Tamiya white rattle can primer, then masked off for Tamiya acrylic copper which was airbrushed on, then covered with ts13 straight from the can. No polishing as I was tired of looking at it.lol Wheels and tires are from the Dodge Ramcharger as the kit supplied ones look and fit like a dogs breakfast.
  11. Thanks fellas! I'm going to have to build something to hook up behind these someday. Was thinking of the flatbed with the amt dozer on it as I already have the dozer, and the gravel trailer for my LT9000 as it will have a wet kit on it.
  12. Thanks guys and gals! JohnnyK that's a bummer, I would love to own either one in real life. I've heard lots about the apex seals....
  13. I agree on the colors, suits it. Gotta get one of these kits. Nice diorama.
  14. Love it! Is this the Italeri kit?
  15. Thanks guys. iamsuperdan, yeah a second gen(FC) is on my to do list. Maybe even an RX8 just to round it out.
  16. Thanks guys. leafsprings it's getting a Detroit from the California Hauler Peterbilt. I'm building a replica of the truck I used to ride in with my dad which was a 74 lt9000.
  17. Thanks everyone. I just need an FC to finish the trifecta.
  18. Lol. Good eyes. Was wondering if anyone would notice. I lost one tire, it'll pop up in a month or so......right?
  19. Thanks!! I see I also forgot to add the master cylinder, D'oh!! Oh well🙄 That's what happens when you rush.
  20. Thanks for the kind comments! Yes it was the newest reissue of the revellogram kit. Wish it was as easy to put together as the FD from Tamiya.
  21. Finally pulled this one off of the shelf of doom and finished it up about half an hour ago! I guess a rainy weekend was the motivation I needed. I say finished but I really mean done for now🙃. Still need a source for mirrors and add an exhaust. Used the engine from the Revell GTS Dart to represent a 400 big block truck. I mixed up Tamiya acrylics for Mopar engine blue, but for whatever reason, its showing a lot darker than it really is ( I guess my lack of picture taking ability is showing through). The body was sprayed with Tamiya AS-9 RAF Dark Green and the white is Tamiyas primer cleared with ts13. The box is a resin piece I bought off eBay about 10 years ago. The rest of the kit is Little Red Express. I think the tailgate represents an earlier truck(72-76?) but it was all I had at the time I started building this five years ago. The bumpers grill, and rims were stripped of their kit chrome and sprayed using Alcad chrome. I added the upper chrome piece and the lower trim to represent an SE? trim package. I added the drip tray/ trim as the kit one was barely visible, l also should of bmf'd it as well. I also drilled out the molded in headlights and added some parts bin pieces. Comments, criticism welcomed.
  22. Thank you. The half fenders are made from Plastruct O scale/1:48 ribbed roof sheets. I formed them over a socket and warmed them up with a hairdryer on low and covered them with bare metal foil.
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