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  1. Have you ever built a model of a car you didn't particulary care for? Well I built this Belair that I don't really like and painted it colors I don't really like.Now it has become one of my favorite builds.Funny how does that happen
  2. Looks cool.I agree do something with that grille.
  3. Bob I used a leftover from a 62 Electra I built.Harry nic try lightening the pic,but the color is more like the original photo,it is really dark.
  4. I love this build. My grandpa had a 68 Polara the same color blue with a white vinyl top and a blue interior. Had a 383 2 bbl engine.
  5. 1970 Wildcat.I relieved it of its roof and painted it a custom mixed burgandy with a pearl white interior.
  6. Got some more done on the chassis. Stretched 90's Thunderbird.Re did some of the upper rollbar to better fit the Torino body.
  7. Nice looking Mercurys. I really like the Panch 1973 car.Who's GT body did you use? mine didn't have a separate rear bumper.
  8. The only set ofElmo Langley decals I've seen have yellow numbers. How would I get in touch with Dave Van?
  9. Nice Torino.Love 70's nascar big boats slammed to teh ground looked so cool.
  10. Going to have to make the decals. I can't find a font that is exactly like these numbers. May have to start from scratch.
  11. Elmo Langley's 1972 Gran Torino Sport.
  12. More pics.per requests. Not sure if engine should be blue.It shouldn't be a boss nine .Should be a 351 Cleveland but the boss looks more impressive.
  13. It's a SMH resin on a Johan chassis with PPP wheels. I reshaped the front bumper and grille.I also lowered it as low as it would go.
  14. That 1972 MontegoGT should be priority.One of the most needed models ever!!!!
  15. Awesome if I could get my Montego pics. to upload they wood look cool together.
  16. New to the board.Just wanted to show my recently completed Pearson Montego GT
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