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  1. Good job Michelle. Keep building!
  2. Your work on that is outstanding! A tough build for sure, great job. There’s a couple of the Danbury Mint models on eBay, definitely not cheap!
  3. Very nice work especially your detailing. Keep practicing with the air brush you’ll get better and better and this one looks good now!
  4. Thanks. I read the article which was very informative on the history of the car. It also said how he stretched the car 6” in the back and 5” in the front ( or the other way around )
  5. Thanks. I thought the taillights didn’t look right and when I looked for the hood fins all i found was a decal. Here’s an update on the paint, I got the pearl white applied to the roof. It was tiresome as I realized I also had to mask off the inside of the roof.
  6. Great job! it was a funny show too!
  7. That came out beautiful.
  8. Thanks and yes Chris, I meant hemi, (stupid auto correct ) ! I wish I’d seen that episode! Here’s the RTS RR. I still haven’t finished the tail lights yet. They wont be exact but neither is the paint stripe at the back. I had a tough time with it and at over 2 hrs I just ran the stripe around the back. Later I realized I could’ve used bare metal foil and cut it out. Oh well... Here’s a few more pics.
  9. They all look great and BTW i love the JK
  10. Beautiful job! I loved that show he did...back in the day
  11. Beautiful job on a beautiful car!
  12. I wanted to do a couple of customs so I’ve been working on these two. I know there’s a couple of others doing I needed a couple of customs and their’s were the inspiration. The Riv was based out in silver, Testors diamond dust and revving red with HOK pearl added in the clear. It will get the white pearl added to the roof. The RR was a mix of flaming orange and hemp orange, white lightening with HOK pearl in the clear. Thanks for looking!
  13. Makes you want to hop in and go for a ride !
  14. Great job. I started looking for the Danbury mint after I read your post...good luck finding that one now! I’m sure one will pop up eventually. Good luck on your build, looking forward to seeing it
  15. Very nice! What a beautiful custom car.
  16. Great job on an awesome car from an iconic movie. Here’s my original Eleanor
  17. No, not barely! I knew. It was just sad to read about it again.
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