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  1. Super nice attn to details! Superbike-shaun
  2. I love it,,,, color? Thanks. Superbike-shaun
  3. Dude awesome, ,,,just awesome! ,,.superbike-shaun
  4. Hi josh,good work.you might want to take a pointer of some kind (yellow pencil ex: to point out exactly what you are trying to show us? .superbike-shaun
  5. Hey Joel &Steve ,I just went back & reread what I thought I read and Ii apologize, to you,I guess,I was I was in a hurry.to alert you,Shaun
  6. Hey you need to fill the dimples on,pass side, above the C in Continental and underneath the top of the 1/4 Superbike-shaun
  7. Dr Kerry, glad to see you have full hand functions! Now if your brain could be so LUCKY! .superbike-shaun
  8. Hey J great use of shading & colors !superbike-shaun
  9. Sooooooooo,pretty nice work.superbike-shaun
  10. Nice poncho! Those wheels and tires are BEEFY!.,.SUPERBIKE-SHAUN
  11. SFD ,I' love that Body style and obviously What you've done to it@ one comment,I love the DETAIL ON THE FIREWALL!SUPERBIKE-SHAUN
  12. Dude how cool,u get to work on a Tv truck,I would be besides my self if this was me!superbike-shaun
  13. Hey Dublin boy,I knew I recognized that driving style!, it's just like. Your Grandma ! (Lol),jus kiddin. Good luck w your 2nd gen VW build,Scuderia! Superbike-shaun
  14. DanMan, is the steering wheel sitting on the bench seat? Shaun
  15. If you want,I can open it,and build it then we can tell what scale it is? Lol,Shaun
  16. Mattey,nice interpretation, I have the feeling that if you,chose to build a copy of a lawn sprinkler, you would kill it!.Shaun
  17. Hey Pat our little Rocket Bunny build is hanging in there, I new this would be a wicked tough kit,now if I could make a promise I can't keep!.Shaun
  18. "Snake style",I like it! You go with the high school,theme,don't forget,the class colors,hanging,from the rear view mirror
  19. Dude, horrible outcome for your 'stang,where was that? GOOD work on this one, though!.Shaun
  20. Obviously you guys don't know of ScaleFinishes.com,Jameston is a great guy and has even greater paint,and service!.;thanks,Shaun
  21. Atmobil,b4 you do anything,scan that decal sheet,then,decide,what you will do.Shaun
  22. J,I have heard 70% Rubbing alcohol will help y'a get it stripped or go and get some easy off hd.that will get you back to square 1.Shaun
  23. Hey Espo do you get scale auto?Thanks. Shaun
  24. Looks good,one thing,is the steering wheel sitting on the seat?
  25. Ok,make triple sure that body is clean,also,b4 more clear starts flying,where are you doing your painting,? You're doin good so far!Shaun
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