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  1. That's a krazy kool combo there!! I love it!!! ~David S.
  2. Hey Joe, What kit is that? Is it the new release? David S.
  3. What else are you looking for then? Any thoughts?
  4. How about a first issue Revell `29 Ford roadster kits for it in trade?
  5. Do you still have the Groovy Grader? David S.
  6. That's a really nice build of that kit!! I built one years ago myself, and I enjoyed building this kit a lot!!
  7. I have been fortunate enough to be able to scoop up some goodies lately. My spidey senses have been sending me around to Facebook sites that have all the weird kits that I have been wanting for a while here!
  8. Here is a couple I got in the mail on Friday! Great deal too, I think!?! 15.00 for Caudron, and 10.00 for water truck!
  9. Yeah, I have to agree with Roger on this! This way you can add a little tab to attach it to the rocker cover, etc.!!
  10. I would like to also Carl !! But ever since the dreaded Dr. Devil (or whatever) came around!?!?
  11. You can buy the empty markers also! I have a few I got on clearance at Hobby Lobby a year back, or so!!
  12. Well .. .. .. that's kinda mean, don't you think!?! LOL!!!
  13. I have to ask this! Did anyone think that maybe he is not well, or something like that !? He is likely a older gentleman, like me!! LOL!! David S.
  14. Hey Les!! How are you? That's a 1/32nd scale diecast model that were sold in bulk package displays a few years back. David S.
  15. Thanks Jim!! I do indeed love my showrods! I added a couple since photo was taken, and looking from there yet!? ?
  16. I thought it would be fun to jump in here!? Sooooo . . . . here we go-
  17. Well now, . . . . . here is a good bit of fun!! I will tag along and see where this goes! David S.
  18. I love the idea about popsicle sticks for sure!! I will try this very soon. Often I need a grit that I don't have, or can't find in a sanding stick!!! For metal files I like using a old stiff bristle toothbrush. And I would never guts making my wife mad with the 'ol laundry trick there!! LOL!!! David S.
  19. 5 Weird-ohs kits for a buck each at the local Dollar Tree store!
  20. Wow, cool project Dann!! And now you know what kind of rear diff. your gonna need too!?! It kinda looks like a `40 Ford rear end? LOL!!! David S.
  21. The color is stunning indeed!! And the details seem to really pop on that car!?! I LOVE IT!!! And your test driver seems to work part time as a "Storm Trooper"? I love them little Hiro-Boy resin goodies, but have not yet scooped one up. David S.
  22. Ohhhhhhhh? I see! I just saw the Husky Town part, and assumed!
  23. So your in Alaska? Yeah, I guess you need good plows there for dang sure!?! We have tons of Oshkosh trucks around here, that's for sure. I have been in the plant in Oshkosh many times! My favorite area is the defense plant though, I love to see those big ol' military trucks. The Sheboygan County Hi-Way dept. seems to run only the Oshkosh trucks, as far as I know!?! Great project Jeff, I will be checking in regularly to see all your awesome work here!! Build on sir!!! ? David S.
  24. Ohhhh yeah!! But . . if it's world famous, how come I have not had any yet? ?
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