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  1. As usual, your work is downright outstanding! Hats off to you sir!
  2. I like your buildup of this kit! Effective colour choices also. I had this kit years ago when the "chrome" was gold in the box. I just couldn't bring myself to build it. Years later, the kit was made available again and Ì bought a couple of them because they are so cool. Your build gets the desire going aģain!
  3. Nicely done James! Your tailgate latches are cool as is the rest of the build.
  4. Good luck with your new project! You're off to a good start.
  5. Nice to see this one back! That's a great colour
  6. Great looking Caddy Yuri!! Super clean and outstanding colour!
  7. I agree with Bernard. How refreshing! You have done a lot of very cool stuff here. I like the center headlight and the chrome trim on the cycle fenders! Nice detail and workmanship .
  8. I like it! This will be one really cool street rod!
  9. Nicely done Pat! Fits in well in your diorama. Was there ever such an engine in real life? Never heard of it before.
  10. One of my favorite kits! I like how it turned out. Great shelf model!
  11. Lovin' this build! Please don't shelve it! (Actually, I have shelf room for it when you finish! )
  12. Nice car........nice background!
  13. Fear not! If you think you've made a mistake, we'll be the first to apologize!
  14. Again Cliff, your work is outstanding! Count me in as one of your big fans!
  15. Your model looks very well done! The weathering of dust looks quite realistic.
  16. Good looking Chevy. Love the blue you chose!
  17. Nicely done! Great sled! I like hoe you have the same angle on the "continental kit" as the angle of the rear fenders!
  18. Always look forward to your builds! This is yet another you hit out of the park!
  19. That is one beautiful hot rod! Love everything you did! Congrats!!
  20. Bought my 1st kit ever in 1959 at a small store in the downtown of my city. The store sold newspapers and tobacco mostly. The owner lived across the street from our house, so I felt I should buy stuff there. He had a fairly good selection of kits back then.
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