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  1. Most impressive chassis work - I'll be following right along!
  2. Very nicely done - looks like it can be fired up and head for the bleach box!
  3. Hi, Wes: Thanks for posting the video. It did me good and was great to see all of the members that I have not seen since 2007. I promise to be at next year's show, God willing. I have already cleared it with my wife. I look forward to seeing more photos from this year's show. God bless you all and see you in 2023.
  4. No, sir; it's actually Julie Nataas, who drives the Meyer Racing A/Fuel Dragster.
  5. Thank you very much - here is a small update; driver figure modified from Monogram sprint car kit.
  6. Thank you very much - who's Bob? 😀
  7. Your Vega 's paint job came out very nice - I remember when the song was first released!
  8. Engine complete except for a few details; on to the chassis and body. Thanks for looking and comments welcome.
  9. Thank you for your kind words and for photographing the car for the club's website - I hope to be at the next meeting! Your Porsche was awesome!
  10. If this one is anything like the first one, this promises to be really good! Looking forward to it!
  11. WOW! The detail in the interior is incredible - I'm learning a lot just by following your build!
  12. Nice builds - thanks for posting!
  13. Yes it does; still needs a tweak or two.
  14. Magnetos ready for installation, fuel distribution blocks in place; starter pulley, input/output shaft and injector hat mocked up, valve covers painted. Next is engine painting and mag installation. thanks for looking and comment welcome.
  15. The NHRA rules for TA/FC for next year have been amended to include injected nitro cars: minimum weight is 2,400 lbs., maximum engine displacement is 456 cid, maximum nitro percentage at sea-level events is 85% with 95% at high altitude events (i.e. Denver), no electro/pneumatic clutch management systems or electronic fuel control systems and no transmission; direct drive only. Body style can be 1969 or later. Otherwise, all other TA/FC rules apply.
  16. Thank you for your interest, Barry. This is a photo of Randy Meyer's new injected nitro car that he ran at a Funny Car Chaos event earlier this year.
  17. Thanks for posting - I remember buying one of those MPC Corvettes back in 1980; it was a great kit! I'll have my first update in a day or so - I'm in the process of painting the engine.
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