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  1. His website now says; We’re closed at the moment Things should be resolved shortly, please check back soon. Seems rather ominous.
  2. I thought that this was a cool idea for a cheap and easy paint booth. https://www.amazon.com/HomeRight-C900146-Spray-Shelter-Paint/dp/B07BSRSFBQ/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=paint%2Bbooth&qid=1559732213&s=gateway&sr=8-5&th=1
  3. Hi, Does any one know if Hasegawa will be re-releasing there 1/24 Ferrari 250TR in any trim? It seems ready for such a thing.
  4. Hmm, would this count? It burned up so maybe I'll build another some day.
  5. Thanks for the update Rob. Well, if you do end up speaking to him, give him our best wishes and a speedy recovery. I've only purchased from him a few times so he probably doesn't recall who I am. But no matter as issues of health are troubling. There are a few board members that I've messaged due to there absence from here and haven't received a reply. Nor have I read any recent posts from them. Sad indeed.
  6. Does any one know how Jeremy of ClearlyScale is doing? His site has all of his parts marked as sold out. I sincerely hope that he is doing ok.
  7. What sort of primer would you suggest to match with there paints?
  8. Well, take a look at gravty-colors.com which is Europe. I did some price comparison between Splash Paints and Gravity Colors Europe which to me look very very very similar paint. I'd say the same but left some wiggle room. gravity-colors.com Ferrari Blu Corsa, $5.70 Ferrari Rosso Fiorano $5.70 Shipping to Charleston $11.51 Total $22.91 splash-paints.com Ferrari Blu Corsa, $7.99 Ferrari Rosso Fiorano $6.99 Shipping to Charleston $8.00 Total $22.98 However Splash Paints offers free shipping in the US for orders of $99. 13 bottles @$5.70 of Gravity Colors Europe with shipping of $24.17 = $98.22 13 bottles @$7.99 of Splash Paints with free shipping = $103.87 Anyways, just running some numbers.
  9. You can try to calibrate your own monitor which does help a bit. If you are a tad serious, I would suggest a Spyder5 Pro or an XRite iDisplay Pro. These can run between $100 to $200. The gist of them are that they create a LUT (look up table) that you load into your display preferences. Any operating system allows you to do this. Then hopefully the chips or swatches that paint manufactures put on there web sites have the HTML color codes that accurately represent those colors.
  10. Hi Dale and thanks for the reply. That pic is cool. I've been looking at there paint chips for automobiles which total about 144 colors in all. That's a combo of solids, pearls and metallics. However the paint chips are some what useless due to how a web site displays colors, how your screen displays colors and how a printer displays colors. So I've been looking up several images of cars painted with there respective colors to get a good idea of what they are supposed to look like. At any rate they seem very interesting.
  11. Hi there. So I've been contemplating and researching several options of air brush paints to use now that I am starting from scratch. I'll most likely end up using several different brands just like I use several different brands and types of glue. All tools in my arsenal to produce results that I will hopefully be very very very happy with. For paint brushing, it's Vallejo Model Color hands down so no conundrums for me there. I do thin it a tad though. I've read that Tru-Color is not pigment based but rather ink based, so it's best to thin with either there thinner or an acetone. I've also read that for best results, thin with 1 part thinner to either 3 parts paint or 2 parts paint. So basically 1:3 or 1:4 ratio of thinner to paint. It seems that builders get best results shooting wet coats and don't need as many passes due to it's excellent coverage, again due to it being ink based. However being ink based, is it as deep and multi dimensional of a finish as say a pigment based color would be? Any feedback is appreciated.
  12. Thank you peteski. My iron is adjustable and pictured below. I'm not crazy about the tips and have never used flux. I think that if I've some better tips and use flux, I may in fact like my soldering iron? It's 25 watts and can heat up to 950°F
  13. Now that is awesome. Funny I was just soldering some LED stair lights and constantly tinning my stupid soldering iron with a damp sponge. Man I hate that thing. The solder sucks, it sucks etc... it's from Michaels. It sure would be cool to make roll bars, roll cages and car frames using this.
  14. Hi, I thought to chime in about Gravity Colors paints. They are sold on 2 different web sites based in 2 different continents. https://gravity-colors.com Based in Europe/Spain and the originator of the paints. Seems to have excellent customer service and no issues fulfilling orders. https://www.gravitycolors.com Based in USA/Florida and had at one point been affiliated with the European office. Seems to have very poor customer service and serious issues fulfilling orders. The USA website has a slightly better design and flow to it as well as better search capabilities. However if you want these awesome paints as I've used them, I'd suggest buying via the European web site. This has been brought up before but I thought some may find it helpful.
  15. Wow, these look great. What are your thoughts on the MicroMark kit? It seems cool being a complete kit with everything to get started but I'm unsure.
  16. Wow, thanks for all the replies as I didn't expect any. I don't trust myself with some of the techniques mentioned but will let you know what I end of going with via pictures etc...
  17. Hello, Has any one added a tread pattern to resin tires? And is this just a really silly question? I think it's probably easier to just buy treaded tires but I wanted some flexibility.
  18. This may help your endeavors, it looks very interesting; https://www.micromark.com/Micro-Mark-Pro-Etch-Photo-Etch-System_2
  19. Agreed. As a sort of comparison, that MKIV engine runs ~$50 where as an HRM MKI resin cast engine runs ~$30.
  20. I thought to post these outstanding examples of 3D printing. To me they look cast. Unsure what sort of printer ScaleProduction uses but whatever it is, there seems to be no texture.
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