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  1. I don't do this for the money but it is not free to make them, either. I ask $30 for the bodies and $10 for the interior kits. Booutique products will always be more expensive than mass production.
  2. Here's a link to two folks building using the bodies: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=100111<br
  3. Folks, I made molds of all of these and can reproduce them in resin. Some folks on the site have bought them and I typically make them as needed, so if you are interested I can make more. Larry
  4. I am kind of a lurker here and don't get a chance to post that often but I have seen some interest expressed in 73-77 Pontiac A-bodies, specifically Lemans/GTO, Grand Am and Can Am. I love this generation of GM cars and have owned a 1976 Chevy Laguna and recently bought an 82000 mile 1973 Grand Am. I always wanted to build the Pontiacs. The Laguna was out there in Nascar form and I "streetified" one as a copy of my car. I finally took matters into my own hands on the Pontiacs. I watched some YouTube videos on resin casting and tried it myself. After I got started, I found it was kind of addicting: I ended up doing a 73 Grand Am and Lemans/GTO front end, Lemans interior, 74 Grand Am, and 77 Can Am as well as Grand Am interior parts. I have yet to build them myself, though! The green car is an incomplete copy of my real full size Laguna. I didn't get the color right, but the rest is like the original.
  5. More progress. I have done two primer coats and am fixing body zits right now. I will make the mold this week and hopefully cast some bodies this week end.
  6. Glad to see my hobby is giving someone else some fun! Looks good, Tim.
  7. Grand Ams were made in 1973, 1974 and 1975. After 75 they were killed because of poor sales. The 73 is unique-its rear end, trunk and quarter panels are different than the 74 and 75 models. The front end on all of them was made of urethane, but the 74 and 75 front ends were different than the 73. I have castings of the 1973 Grand Am, a 1973 GTO front end for the Grand Am body, and a 1977 Can Am casting. After the 1975, I will do a 1977 Lemans 4 door sedan for the Smokey and the Bandit/police interceptor folks.
  8. I will probably make a mold and cast a few of these, if nothing else than to build one for myself!
  9. Began work on the grilles and tail lights. Trunk lid is pretty much done. I still need to finish the front valence as well.
  10. Came home today and added the lower valance and worked on the back end. I also removed the old grille area. Tail lights and grille and I'm almost done.
  11. After completing a 1973 Grand Am and GTO front end, I took that basic master and created a 1977 Pontiac Can Am. With nothing to do at the moment, I thought I would take both of those and create a 1974/5 Grand Am. The later Grand Am's had a different quarter panel and a trunk that was more raised; this was the same basic rear body shape as the Can Am. However, the upper nose was similar to the 73 Grand Am with the exception of six grille "gills" rather than three per side. The grille bars also ran horizontally rather than vertically in the 74/75. The lower valence in the front was also different, being more like the lower front bumper of the Can Am. I took two of my own castings and cut them up. I then glued the 73 front end to the 77 rear end and cut the Can Am spoiler off. I filled in the Can Am tail lights with putty and will cut off the lower valance and replace it with the lower bumper off the Can Am. After that, I need to create a new grille area and tail lights and I will be done. Then make a mold and cast away!
  12. Looking good-I can't wait to see thebody in paint. Mine never got beyond primer! Maybe now that most of the parts are cast I can actually build the car I set out to create. I'm still doing door panels, seats and dash for the LeMans/GTO and I am going to do a 74/75 Grand Am and 77 4 door LeMans. I need to hurry-it is warming up outside and that means playing with the full size cars again.
  13. Here's the latest: Resin Grand Am door panels to go with dash, console and seats: LeMans/GTO interior in the works:
  14. Grand Am kit (body, tail lights, rear bumper) $30 plus shipping. Can Am kit $40 plus shipping. I do paypal. Let me know.
  15. I just finished interior parts for the Grand Am. I'm working on dash and console for the LeMans/GTO now.
  16. I also cast a 1973 Grand Am and GTO/Lemans. I am not a professional by any means so keep in mind that these are hobbyist castings that I did for fun and because I love this body style and love to build replicas. I am working on a 4 door 77 LeMans "Enforcer" sedan like the Smokey and the Bandit car now.
  17. Here is another attempt at the same car that I have cast. it is based on a 1975 Jo-Han Cutlass.
  18. Ron, I have Grand Am "horsecollar" seats and console done in resin and dash will be done this weekend, if you want to try them.
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